Metal To Infinity

I’ve mentioned it over and over again – do not bring yourself into a despising situation compared with the Heavy Metal movement from Greece… if you do, you’re totally wrong! I will underline once again the fact that the Metal movement over there has awesome bands on the map – end of story, no doubt about it Greek label Arkeyn Steel Records brings out fantastic Classic US Metal albums but the debut from Wardrum saw daylight through their sub-label named Steel Gallery, also run by Kostas Athanasogiou.  

Wardum, basically I never heard of them before, just released their debut album “Spadework” and I'm a really satisfied with this way end result. They’re from Greece but while checking out the entire CD it’s obviously clear that Musically wise, Wardrum is mainly inspired by the forces of American Metal music in the vein of Titan Force / Jag Panzer, Warlord, Dio, early Conception / Crimson Glory, … Classic US Metal Gods you know! 

To speak about the guitar duties only I can only be very positive – no fake shit here, the Wardrum axeman Kosta Vreto (Uli Jon Roth, Horizon’d End, Paul Di’Anno) delivers the real deal in outstanding guitar delivery. Their hard pulling string method of the riff duties seem perfect to me, unwarped and straight to the core and I can say just the same about the godlike, melodic solo works… guitar wizardry according to my own opinion! Stergios Kouro’s (Horizon’s End) technical drum beats alternating with technical bass killing moves by Kostas Scandalis (Horizon’d End) keep holding me in a mood of complete satisfaction but what to say on Wardrum’s vocal use? 

Singer in charge Piero Leporale once was the frontman of legendary Uli Jon Roth and throughout the years he also worked alongside icons like Jeff Scott Soto, Ian Paice, Dokken and many others. Well, this guy has a special colour and differs in so many ways from other singers, I’d like to describe him as pretty unique. He has such a versatile manner to shout out his vocal notes, versatile all the way out… he’s able to use his voice in ways ranges from melancholic to dramatic wise – every now and than he even sounds a bit sentimental, breakable. As a singer in a Metal band you can only be very pleased having a voice like Piero. Another name that has been added to my personal list of unique Metal vocalists! 

While listening to all of the songs I gotta feeling that the music perfectly follows  the character of the vocals. Pure melodic, some kind of dark minded spiced with progressive catchy elements – ask me for the outcome of the total concept and the only way to answer that question is an easy task to complete… OUTSTANDING! Only moments of full joy on Wardrum’s debut album “Spadework” – feel the heat and passion of awesome Heavy / Power Metal served with a complete emotional, dark progressive attitude… songs that’ll bring you in seventh heaven are: opener ‘The Meaning Of Forever’ (very emotional vocals-superb with early Dio guitar riffs!),  ‘Crest Of The Wave’ (great melodic piece), wanna go fast check out the song called ‘Soultrip’ and even more catchy moments can be found in a track entitled ‘Turn About’ which is actually a ballad that’d been recorded acoustic. ‘Circle Of Hate’ includes a great package of excellent guitar riffs / leads taking me back into the good old days of Classic US Metal… fave of mine! 

Albums like this makes me feels good – no fashion Metal shit to detect, instead Wardrum only plays it all for real, well skilled and emotional loaded.. Great output to me. Feel free to take a look at a video clip they’ve made for the song ‘Crest Of The Wave’ right HERE. Order possibilities at: http://www.steelgallery.com/  Satisfaction complete… must-have for True Metal maniacs! 

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)