Metal To Infinity

Are you a metalhead who's into modern Thrash / Death Metal? Well look no further and check out Watch Me Bleed’s debut album “Souldrinker”! Founded in the spring 2007 by Markus Pohl & Steffen Theurer ( both former “Symphorce”) they had a clear vision... making honest and pure fuckin’ Metal! A few weeks after the formation, Kickdown’s frontman Chris Rodens joins in and makes the band complete, six weeks later they were ready to hit the stage and support “Stone Sour”...the response in the sold-out club was so intense that this project became a 'real' band!

Now WMB is Chris Rodens – screams & whispers, Markus Wenzel (Inzest) who made his entree in 2008 – growls & grunts, Markus Pohl – guitars, Michael Vetter (Pump) – bass and Steffen Theurer – drums. 

So a massive amount of gigs all across Europe later WMB was finally ready to hit the studio and recorded in 2009 this debut “Souldrinker”, produced & mixed by Christian 'Moschus' Moos (Delain, Everon,...) and mastered by Eroc (Sodom, Delain,...) this disc contains 11 tracks with guest appearances by Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm), Nemesis (Eigensinn) and Constantine ( Mystic Prophecy, The Descending)! The outcome is a full metal jacket that blows you’re head off instantly! The sound on this album is excellent, aggressive vocals, heavy fuelled guitars and a rhythm section that is tight as a young pussy & rocks like hell! WMB brings a mixture of death, thrash and even some hardcore stomping with lots of  verve and attitude, in other words 21th century Metal! 

“Souldrinker” sets off with 'Rise' a pedal to the metal agressive song and one must headbang by hearing such  heavy riffing and sing along chorus. 'Bloodred Rain' metal in you’re face, again sing along chorus and verry nice guitar fills, nice guitar solo and arrangements. 'SixSixSeven' hell yeah what a massive hardcore stomping riff, this is a slight slower riff driven track but damn what a great solo...this is my favourite on this album! 'Where Darkness Hides' starts with a cliché stormy intro but then all hell breaks loose and yep up-tempo metal is present.... 'The End Of Everything' even brings a nice Progmetal guitar intro, this whole album is one big melting pot, these guys are sure talented enough!'Dead Sky Black Sun' & 'The Game Is On' have a “Pantera” feeling throughout the whole songs, nice! 'Burn Down Hope' is filled with riffs that makes me instantly think of Zakk Wylde's “Black Label Society” especially the main riff.

'All Red Roses Die' has a high “Machine Head” influence, now it's clear to hear where WMB gets their inspiration, in fact with each song on this album I get a déjà-vu feeling...which isn't  necessarily a bad thing but it isn't quit original either and that shots me a bit on the chest. 'Jackhammer' gives me the same feeling I described above and the final track 'The Bleeding Chalice' feat. Andy B. Franck, Nemesis & Constantine which is a nice display of their musical talent blended with the song writing of WMB. 

To conclude Watch Me Bleed debut album 'Souldrinker' is a heavy in the face /Metal album and I'm sure these guys will have a bright future in the scene but in my opinion it lacks a bit of originality and that's pity, never the less the album sounds great and has loads of headbanging and sing-along choruses but still i miss some identity in it and that will influence my rating on this album... Please check them out on   or and  get a preview from this album! 

My Rating: 75 / 100 (Review by Nicolas Bruggeman)