Metal To Infinity

Sometimes, an album can be a really undertaking job. For example Welicoruss from Russia! They released a ‘Wintermoon Symphony’ demo in 2002, also a ‘Wintermoon Symphony’ demo in 2006, followed by a ‘Wintermoon Symphony’ promo EP in 2008. To complete the whole thing, they also released the ‘Wintermoon Symphony’ full length in 2008. Hard to say that this was a successful delivery…  

Now we are pleased with a new album called ‘Apeiron’, and I hope that it won’t go the same way as its predecessor. On this second album, the band Welicoruss delivers awesome songs that will hit you right in the face! Apeiron has a total playing time of 32 minutes, so it’s not a surprise that some consider it as an EP instead of a second full-length album. The seven songs on this album are really outstanding! For example, opener and title track ‘Apeiron’ takes about +6 minutes and gives a full spectrum of the skills of the band. The arrangement is refreshing, the sound is just perfect and we get a mid tempo opening, a stomping forward rhythm section, a cool break in the middle part and really cool melody lines! It has a progressive touch, some parts of the song made me think on heavier Stratovarius songs, while other parts of the same track have a lot in common with Children Of Bodom. The vocals of Welicoruss (main concept, guitars and vocals) and Paularic (keyboard and vocals) are just brilliant in this musical direction and style of the band! Fans of Equilibrium and Elluveitie will be delighted when they hear this Russian band!  

The second track is called ‘To Far Worlds’, and believe it or not, but it has an even more bombastic arrangement. We hear screaming guitars, up tempo riffing, breaks that will make you shiver, and the vocals aren’t missed at all in this instrumental track! This musical journey can be described as a rollercoaster of bombastic, nowadays metal with long term guarantee! The next track is also an instrumental delight! These guys know perfectly how to entertain people with their musical skills.  Track 4 is called ‘Slava Rusi’ and again we get well dosed rhythm, bombast and variety!  Drummer Elias is giving full power and the guitars of Sower and Welicoruss are dueling with the keys of Paularic! The songs are really like concrete, and that’s because of the pumping bass of Dizharmons who fills every possible hole in the musical structure!  Again we hear a lot of Pagan influences, and while the vocals are inflammatory, the members of Welicoruss just give full power! 

Let’s say that this band is delivering one of best kept secrets from Russia!  I will enjoy this album for the next coming weeks, and it might be considered as a possible quotation for my personal top 10 of the year 2010! 

My rating: 96 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)