Metal To Infinity

Another  band I discovered at myspace.com. The high pitched vocals on the songs at their page immediately received my attention and this band from Portland / Oregon was prepared to send me a CD-R of their EP. So, the band has no label yet but the guys did more than their best to create a band logo, a front cover and this EP. I suppose at least one of the members is a fan of comics… 

The songs are awesome; the style is typical eighties US Metal. In the opening track, “The Nefarious Dr. Meanberger” the band experimented somewhat, especially in the middle part, something that didn’t really work out but still  I’ve heard some cool music.   

Both guitar players have the right feeling for the kind of riffs they play and the solos are more than enjoyable. Don’t expect some new shredders but the twin guitars and the long solos in for example “Wings of hell” are fantastic.  I hear great melodic lines and very good guitar sessions. Actually “Wings Of Hell” is a good Metal song, not at all original but performed on a way we, at MTI, adore. Most ‘ear catching’ is singer Tony Cordes, also guitar player, because of his clean and strong voice. Especially at “Fields Of Core”, the best track on this EP, he reminds me to Andy Michaud of Liege Lord. Also musical wise and qua atmosphere this song reminds me to this mighty US Power Metal band, awesome! 

This release isn’t really available for sell. This band contains good musicians and must grow! Check them out at: http://www.myspace.com/whitelightning86  

My Points : 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)