Metal To Infinity

Wicked Sensation has been formed in 1999 by German Hard Rock band named Vast’s axemen Michael Klein and Sang Vong – in 2001 they really surprised us for the first time with a debut album entitled “Reflected”. What makes the band so impressive was the fact they had a world-class Dutch singer named Robert Soeterboek in its ranks. A blend of melodic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music was Wicked Sensation’s name of the game and I knew that they would find their way to the top pretty soon. They played as support with numerous top acts like Whitesnake, Saxon, Vandenplas, Dare, Axxis, Nazareth and so many others! All went good so we were longing for a second and new album which saw daylight in 2004, entitled “Exceptional”. Unexpected but true fact - Robert wasn’t the singer, he seemed to be replaced by ex-Victory frontman Fernando Garcia. With a lot of respect for this guy, I was a fan of Robert and I hoped that he would rejoin the Wicked Sensation ranks the sooner the better. 

Michael Klein, one of the guys who officially gave birth to Wicked Sensation many years ago (and actually also in charge as guitarist and writing songs as well) contacted original singer Robert Soeterbeek in hope to find an agreement to join the WS line-up once again. Both guys reached a final solution and plans for a third album were made. Ex Elegy / Adagio / Bob Catley drummer Dirk Bruinenberg and bassist / producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) joined forces as well. Entitled “Crystallized” and released through Metal heaven records, this is a fantastic album anyway. 

Right from the start my ears were spoiled with a very good sound quality delivered by Dennis Ward. First shot on the tracklist ‘Better World’ starts to me with a powerful riff that (for some reason) reminds me of Vicious Rumors. Vocalist Robert Soeterbeek still in very good shape offering nothing but top quality vocal lines. Good rhythms and plenty of melodies – this one truly rocks! ‘My Turn To Fly’ featuring Andy Deris (Helloween) can be described like a Melodic Hard Rock song that probably will hit the charts because of its quite commercial character. Next ‘Fistful Of Dreams’ is another good one reaching the level of legendary Holland acts like Vengeance and Vandenberg… fans of Whitesnake will be pleased as well while listening to the great ‘Lost In The World’. Classic Rock fanatics will have a good time during ‘Gimme The Night’ featuring Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon). ‘Lonely Is The Night’ is loaded with fine melodic lines and ‘as always’ extremely professional vocals. Once again, I will underline the fantastic guitar works including brilliant finger movements.  

One of my favourites is calling ‘Running Your Veins’ and its pure Hard Rock attitude. Powerful riffage all the way out and again, outstanding vocals! Last song ‘Bleeding Hearts’ concludes this CD in an extremely worthy manner. Without a doubt, Wicked Sensation’s new effort “Crystallized” will open many doors to breakthrough on the international melodic Hard Rock / Metal scene. This is the great result of a respectful collaboration between excellent musicians born in Germany and The Netherlands. Check them out at: http://www.wickedsensation.de/  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)