Metal To Infinity

Widow is already a multiple years active in the Metal scène and I doubt they disappointed anyone until now. Okay, the try-out with female vocals wasn’t their strongest effort but musical wise there wasn’t a bad word available either. With “Life’s Blood” the band represents their fourth album and I suppose everybody who knows the band was looking forward to it. 

I can be short and tell again Widow did what they’re expecting to do. Playing Heavy Metal from the purest form, the kind we adored in the Eighties and we will probably love forever. The kind of Metal every true Metal fanatic takes its time for… Nothing renewing, nothing that will smash you back or leave you speechless behind but purity in its purest form. Widow goes back in time and ad many US Metal bands they use the ingredients that made our genre so God damn popular. Awesome riffs, arrangements in different tempi and very identifiable choruses and refrains. Into the songs good played guitar solos are weaved and the leads seduces the listener all the time. Why? Because Widow knows how to built up a good song in which a good bunch of power is always foreseen. 

Fans of Saxon, Iron Maiden but also Armored Saint, Metal Church, Iced Earth and let’s say Leatherwolf will really like this newbie from Widow. For a good reason I’ve mentioned bands that are timeless and their classic ones still sounds up-to date. So does Widow and although this one will never be a classic one every old and new fan will like “Life’s Blood”. Check. http://www.widowusa.com.  

My points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)