Metal To Infinity

Today, August 20 – 2009, outside temperatures to increase to value above 30 degrees Celsius (which is very unusual for our little Belgium) so the heat is really on while writing down this review but I don’t care at all! Let me tell you this, for a band like WildeStarr – I do it all with pleasure and passion for the almighty US Metal movement!! 

WideStarr is a new Francisco Bay Area Metal formation set up by legendary bassist Dave Starr… please don’t tell me you’ve never heard of him!! One of the most gifted bass player since the early eighties – all the magnificent works he brought to the Metal masses while Dave joined the Vicious Rumors ranks – one word so called OUTSTANDING! Active in VR for 22 years, well I’ll bow for such musicians whatever it takes. From 1985 till 2006 hooked up with Vicious Rumors, he also played with Laaz Rockit, Destillery and Chastain for a while! 

Nowadays, Dave just formed his own band named WildeStarr along with London Wilde. She worked behind the scenes as recording engineer / song writer, studio vocalist and keyboard player over the last 15 years. Eventually all started while Lodon was pretty busy recording the bass lines for the Chastain (with Dave those days!) album “In An Outrage”… both Dave and Wilde talked with each other about his plans to set up a solo project. First Dave asked if she wanted to jump on the wagon delivering the keyboard tasks but on her way, London was so excited of Dave’s own and new music so far – she took all the chances she’s got and asked Dave to recruit as vocalist! As most things in life goes on – one led to another and yes, London Wilde became a full member as vocalist, she also handles backing vocals and keyboards in style! Dave Starr himself takes control of all guitars and bass lines like a real pro! Missing part in WildStarr’s game was a drummer which were founded by Jim Hawthorne afterwards, recording process started at Big White studios (Alemada), Mixing / mastering process took place at Spirit Wind Studios in Hayward California. Meanwhile, the album is unleashed through Furnace Maximus Media – entitled “Arrival”. 

First song ‘Rose In The Dark’ takes me by the throat right on – dark minded, short intro before all explodes for real. A superb mixture of US Power Metal with minor dark / progressive vibes. First shot – first smack in the face to me! Dave’s guitar duties brilliant and London’t voice blows me away… the way she sings is quite amazing and from now on, she already be added to my favourite list of all time singers. If you’re into vocal use in the vein of Queensryche, Wolfeblitzer or Almighty Carl Albert – just go for WildStarr! 

More dark and sinister moments during the title track but – haunted atmospheres breathing down your neck… heavy laden, groovy guitars with outstanding solo moments to ask for full attention. Also on this song the vocals are top notch! Loud and crystal clear, when London goes real high I nearly get a cardiac arrest. On ‘Touching God’ there is a dark atmospheric vibe on board – quite progressive Metal elements audible too but still very amusing but… 

The song called ‘Rise’ makes me going insane through and through… in the vein of early Vicious Rumors style (listen up for the great guitar tactics), such works make me feel proud being a US Metal fan. Perfectly played track with super high pitched vocals – AMAZING! We’re almost in the middle of the entire album while ‘Down Of The Sun’ appears. Subtle and gentle in the beginning, a bit later on the song switches into some kinda melancholic / dramatic Power Metal masterpiece. Do I need to say that the combination of both Dave and London continues to work out an outstanding way? I don’t want to forget to mention also the great job of drummer Jim Hawthorne… never heard of him before but remarkable enough for me this guy can be considered as well skilled! 

Okay, in the vein of early Ruffians (with Carl Albert) and early VR come on songs like ‘In This World’ and ‘Generation Next’… SUPERB!! Stay put for the touchable, awesome vocals on ‘Voice In The Silence’ before “Arrival’ shuts down in an overwhelmed form of breathtaking talent with the song called ‘The Chain’. 

I'm glad I survived my journey through the entire album of WildeStarr – so much fantastic songs on one album to boost up adrenaline to the extreme… I really have great time listening to all of the 10 songs full of attention, of course with a huge form of admiration for the US Metal movement in general. Very good production, full colour 16 page booklet, cover art and nice looking inlay… all looks very attractive and actually so I’d like to describe WildeStarr’s name of the game too. Extremely versatile vocal use able to take my breath away plus the musical aspect can be considered as magnificent – I'm satisfied all over!! A superb US Melodic Metal highlight with vibes taken from a darkened, progressive world. Check WildeStarr at: www.wildestarr.com  or  www.myspace.com/wildestarr  

MY POINTS: 97 / 100 (Review by Stefan)