Metal To Infinity

Wishdoom is a four piece Metal act from Greece and I will underline it once again – please don’t underestimate this country’s Metal scene. Maybe your knowledge about Greek Metal music isn’t big but take it as a word from a 47 years old supporter (that’s me) of Hard Rock and Metal – this land of the Gods has a lot to offer regarding great Heavy Metal music. 

Back in 2007, a new band called Wishdoom arose from the Metal horizons – first output was a six song demo entitled “Up The Hammers”, followed by “Winds Of War”, a 5-track EP unleashed in 2009. The band received a wave of positive feedback from outside and made their mind about the right time to take it all to a next level, I mean plans for a full-length album. The guys got in touch with Metal On Metal records and soon the recordings of a brand new album started. Wishdoom’s debut album “Helepolis” has been unleashed recently and it’s a real pleasure writing down my thoughts on this effort.

Lyrically based on subjects concerning ancient battles and mythology, Wishdoom’s name of the game mainly can be described as Epic Metal spiced with influences of old school Power, Heavy and slices of Doom Metal as well. I can hear you think – damn, that’s a whole lotta luggage to carry, but I can guarantee you all that the end result came out perfectly – be sure of the fact, Wishdoom succeeds completely. Speaking about Epic Metal brings me immediately back to memorable acts, actually pioneers like Manilla Road and Manowar. While listening to the entire Wishdoom album, I have to say that there are especially many similar moments to those from the very early Manowar period (“Battle Hymns” / “Into Glory Ride” / “Sign Of The Hammer”). Within their ranks they have a real good typical epic singer, to me –  this frontman is heading straight onward to victory - loud and very clear type of vocal delivery that works outstandingly well! 

A song like ‘My Wish, Your Doom’ is exactly what a band like Wishdoom is all about. Driven by the forces of Heavy / Power and Doom Metal generally wrapped in an Epic Metal concept featuring beautiful guitars, warm and clean vocals… also the guys in charge for all bass and drum work get my appreciation as well. Thanks to this form of Metal this music lives for quite a few decades. Wishdoom might not win any awards for originality but my respect for those keeping the spirit of old school Metal alive is sincere. 

Check out this band called Wishdoom and let the good old days of Epic / Heavy / Doom Metal enter your soul. Far from original, “Helepolis” is still a very good album and the fans of early Manowar, Warlord, Doomsword, Atlantean Kodex, Manilla Road or While Heaven Wept should definitely check it out (including good production, magnificent front cover artwork, lyrics and cool pictures)! Stop by at: