Metal To Infinity

I already own the EP of Wiszdom Stone, called ''The Battle Rages''. It was a disc I didn't listen that often to, I can't even imagine how it sounds. The reason has nothing to do with the band but I have so much stuff to listen to, too much if I have to believe my wife. Nevertheless I received this new CD from these Americans. Sometimes a pleasant surprise is heading your way and the fact you didn't see it coming makes it even more enjoyable. I suppose this is the perfect description of this album; a pleasant surprise!    

Why? Well because I hear first class Melodic Heavy Metal with an awesome production, outstanding vocals and overall recognizable songs. Yes, every track owns its positive points, either it are the riffs, the solos or the vocal lines... it makes this album very enjoyable. And of course this is typical US Heavy Metal, the kind of Metal we at Metal To Infinity adore! Fans of (especially) Jag Panzer, Armored Saint, Metal Church, Seven Witches but also the European traditional Metal bands like Tad Morose and Mystic Prophecy will be pleased by this one. Even the Eighties style of Black Sabbath is crossing my mind…    

No, I didn't hear any weak song and more than once the refrains and choruses brought a big smile on my face. Not that Wiszdom Stone plays 'happy happy' Metal, not at all but everything fits! And yes, a song like 'Unforgiven' sounds a bit commercial but it shows what this band is capable of. At their myspace.com page you can see the video clip (yes!) of this awesome song. 'Take This Cup' is one of my favorite tracks, sounding darker than the previous song. It is obvious these members are children, or at least big fans of the Eighties Metal scene. Okay, there are plenty of bands who play Metal in this style but Wiszdom Stone succeeds into their goal to add something special to their music. Some songs keep on playing on your mind and especially the riffs are producing a well tasted foundation.  

Vocal wise Wiszdom Stone is spoiled! Singer Andre owns a good voice, his own particular vocal sound and his vocal lines sound very professional. It is clear that Wiszdom Stone has opportunities for a good career and a good front man is essential for it. This is a band that knows how a good Metal song should sound and the emotional played guitar solos, just listen to 'The Sky Is Falling', are awesome. Another great song is 'The Battle Rages'. 'Mourning loss' is a fantastic track with epic touches and contains some great female vocals.  

Once again it is proven that the best traditional Metal bands are American! On the other hand I miss, no matter how good every particular song is some more guitar power in the production. Especially the riffs should be louder, heavier, more overpowering. I know, this is just a personal meaning but believe me it would make Wiszdom Stone even more irresistible!    

You shouldn't doubt at all buying this great release. Wiszdom Stone is growing, is becoming more mature and I expect them to release a masterpiece in the future, a future that should be bright for these guys.I suppose we'll have to wait for a decent label to pick them up. Wanna taste this goodie? Check http://www.myspace.com/wiszdomstone  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)