Metal To Infinity

Well, lately we’ve got Cauldron from Canada. Enforcer, Bullet, Katana and so on from Sweden. White Wizzard from the US… But beware as Greece sends their very own Heavy Metal patrol out on the road to kick some ass! Yes, I am talking about Witchcurse!

Witchcurse is a rather recent band from Thessaloniki, Greece who formed in October 2005 and released their first full-length album on September 20th through Inferno Records, the record company known for recruiting some of the best new kick ass bands around the world!

The band has had a few changes in their line-up throughout the years but finally got a stabile line-up ready to take the world by storm! In 2005 they released a rehearsal tape called “rehearsal 18/12/2005”, after this they had some changes in their line-up and with this new line up they recorded their first demo called “Heavy Metal Poison”. Then again they had changes in the line-up as drummer L-Drac got replaced by Paul. With their new line-up they recorded the cassette tape “Demon’s Warning”. After that recording they also recorded a 7” Split with Witchtiger and a split LP with Witchunter from Italy.

This 4 headed band is definitely influenced by some of the greater NWOBHM bands ever. In the past they have been the opening act for bands like Grim Reaper, Praying Mantis, Attacker, Leatherwolf, Manilla Road, Tokyo Blade, Iron Kobra… What is of course very promising for a new band of this caliber! So here they are with their first full-length album that features 11 tracks + a bonus video.

The CD features as I mentioned before 11 tracks of pure uncompromising Old School Heavy Metal. The album is a really big hope in my opinion for Old School metalheads. Who else would be headlining our festivals in a few years? The oldschool sound of the recording really gives the album the extra touch other new bands don’t have, which is really great! The combination of the two guitar players with one bass/vocalist and a drummer brings us back a line up how it should be. Also the rough voice of the singer is great in combination with the old school music.

Everyone who likes NWOBHM should definitely buy this album as it will become a classic over the years! Thumbs up for Witchcurse and of course Inferno Records for releasing such a great album! http://www.myspace.com/witchcurse6669

My points: 82 / 100 (Review by Timo)