Metal To Infinity

Black Widow is specializing itself into obscure Italian bands. The red line between the bands I’ve heard from that label until now is that they all have a typical Seventies or early Eighties sound. Witche’s Brew is also such a band but the difference between them and the other releases I’ve heard is that they are less Doom. Okay, the very old Black Sabbath was also influencing for them but for whom weren’t they? They are called the godfathers of Heavy Metal for plenty of reasons.  

Yet Witch’s Brew sounds more in vein of NWOBHM bands and there’s also some kind of psychedelic American brand into their music. Their music often makes me think to those typical Seventies movies or documentary’s. I remember seeing a great movie about Charles Manson, the mass killer and some of these songs would have fitted that film perfectly. A bit of booze, some grass, a dark biker’s pub and the mood is there! 

There is some Blues, some Stoner and of course heavy loaded guitars all the way on slow rhythms. The guitar solos are constantly in and between the arrangements. If I wouldn’t have read it I should never believed this is an Italian band. Nevertheless  Mirk’O ZOnca and Mirko Bosco (ex guitar player of the DISPER-AZIONE band) are Italian. But Mirko Bosco lived in the US for several years and that explains a lot, at least it doesn’t hide that he learned a lot out there. This kind of blues based Hard Rock /Metal is typical for those Southern states of the US and I suppose Bosco was out there. The Hammond organs and sleazy guitars are typical.  

Not that this is my cup of tea but I am sure there are fans of this special kind of Hard-Rock / Heavy Rock ’n Roll / Metal. Check the band out at http://www.myspace.com/witches.brew.  

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)