Metal To Infinity

Wolfen is a band that isn’t really known in the Metal scène. Nevertheless these guys, from Germany, are offering their fourth album. How the hell is it possible to stay so deep under the surface? Bad management? Bad Luck? Wrong label?

Wolfen proves to be a mature band and their new album delivers a varied kind of metal. The songs are good written although the listener has sometimes the feeling to have heard it all before but that doesn't bother me at all. What you hear is very good performed, no doubts about it. The riffs, the drum parts, the leads, the vocals… all are qualitative seen good and it makes this release very enjoyable to listen to.

The influences from this formation can be found somewhere in between Iron Maiden and Megadeth. As above Wolfen has not that typical German touch, but it's clearly an European band! The band makes me think of for example Brainstorm, Symphorce and the Swedish Wolf. Another band that crosses my mind is Warmachine. A good production is foreseen on this old fashioned Metal record. Maybe the fact this lead singer reminds me of Andy B.Franck (Brainstorm, Symphorce) declares my vision to mention these formations but I suppose that will satisfy if you're wondering if Wolfen contains a good singer.

More than seventy minutes of pure metal but for no second I was bored although I can imagine that a shorter album would have made this album more overwhelming. Thankfully the band varies melodic songs with fast Thrashy tracks and pure heavy/Power Metal. Tracks those who explodes in my face aren’t really available although the more commercial tracks like “The one”, "I am I" and the duet "Birmingham 6" for example keeps on playing in my mind because of the refrains. It means that there's some good musicianship to offer and it makes me wonder why Wolfen stayed so unknown. You don't hear me say this is a candidate 'mainstream' band. Writing the more melodic kind of compositions fits this band the best and maybe they should work this further out. On the other hand the Trashy riffs are really great ("White Chapel"). It makes me aware that this band has a good guitar player, the solo's are really good. "Dolur Mundis" feels like some kind of semi-ballad, well maybe a bit too melodic to me but you don't hear me say it's a bad song. On "Soul Collector" Wolfen uses some kind of grunts to support the Power in this track, to have a more modern sound and it fits it again very well. I can easily conclude there are no bad tracks on "Chapter IV" although I have the constant feeling that Wolfen should bring a more red line into their music. Variation is good, is very good but maybe this band, with this much talent, needs an own face and sound to grow.

Fans of the bands I was talking about before should check this one out. Check them out at http://www.wolfen-metal.de.  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)