Metal To Infinity

Another release of Emanes Records, which surprised me with the debut album of Sanctuaire (‘L’Empreinte de Lucifer’). It was a good introduction to this newborn label, so I wondered if they could maintain the quality of their bands on their roster. Wolf’s Gang is totally unknown by me, but that changed during the listening of their debut ‘Apocalypse’.

First of all, this band brings their vocals in their native tongue French. Most of the times, I have an odd feeling when I hear French lyrics, as mostly, they don’t really fit to the musical arrangements. Perhaps, it’s a result of my imperfective knowledge of that language, or perhaps, it has other reasons, as I don’t like Metal bands that bring their vocals in Finnish, Dutch, Spanish or whatsoever… I like my Metal pure and heavy, including English sing-along lyrics! But, I believe that Sanctuaire could change my thoughts in a positive direction. After spinning the disc a few times, I was really into the musical escapades that this band delivers!

The album ‘L’Empreinte de Lucifer’ opens with an Iron Maiden riff in the song “Crash”, which gives a good overview of the musical capacities of the members. Their Heavy Metal is loud and proud and contains a lot of variety which results in 55 minutes of pleasure! The opener has also a break in the middle, which is done really well. At the end, the song is bursting out, and vocalist Bailly Frédéric is giving full axe! Great!!! During the recordings of this debut, the band got assistance of Thiebauld Jérémy on guitars, so it’s unclear how the band will sound without this second guitar player. Time will tell, isn’t it?

The CD is released at the end of August, and Emanes Records will also release a good old vinyl LP later on. What I like on this band is the length of songs and the structures that are worked out very well. It’s outstanding material with a lot of variety and progression ! One of my favorites songs is ‘Guerre De Cent Ans’ because of the melody, the speediness of the track and the ‘feel-good’ attitude, despite the lyrical theme…

If Emanes is capable to release material of this high standard in the future, they could bring France on the Metal map again! I hope that they will manage future release with a Heavy Metal heart in first place and success in second place, and they will succeed in their quest! This is a pure release, and that’s exactly what metal is all about and should be!!

My rating: 93 / 100 (Review by Patrick de Sloover)