Metal To Infinity

Sometimes we are really stunned about the material that we receive on our desk.  Now and then, a totally unknown band delivers a package with an album that blows our socks off.  I must admit Worwyk (pronounced War-wick) for having this appropriate talent.  

A little bit searching on the internet taught me some more about this band that is hailing from the USA.  First of all, this isn't a band but a project of only one man: Thomas Vitacco.  He released already 7 albums in the past, and with this 8th release ''Malignant'', he had some little vocals back up with the helping hand or throat of Jason Russo (also Darkling).  These two men recorded ''Malignant'' with a lot of passion for Heavy Metal music, and it's really astonishing that Thomas plays all instruments; he is also responsible for mixing, mastering and all things that come together with the release of an album.   

The first track 'The Mind' opens with a scream straight out of hell and musical wise we get a head banging masterpiece presented.  The second song is totally diverse, as 'Prosperity' is more into the older Hard Rock style.  Also the way that the vocals are brought into this track refers to the 80's on occasion.  Track #3 'As You Die' is starting really slow with an acoustic guitar intro and vocals that lift this song to heights!  And this is exactly the way that this album is going further.  

Once you have listened to all tracks, you will have the need to play it once again, and again.  The strongest point, and at the same time also the only critical comment is the variety. Some songs are really into heavy metal, while others go into a totally different direction.  Some will like it; others will reject it, because the band (read Thomas Vitacco) will have to decide what path he's going to follow in the future. I would suggest focusing on the HeavyMmetal aspect, because there are really jewels on ''Malignant'', and those tracks are all in the Heavy Metal style. 

My favorites of this album are: 'As You Die' (what a cool chorus, mixed with the acoustic part), titeltrack 'Malignant' (title track and best arrangement on this album) and 'Selling Sickness' (what an aggression, I just love this up speed anthem).    

Conclusion: WORWYK was a real pleasure to explore and this band and name will be etched in my brain for the next coming years.  I hope that we will hear of this band in the future, and I will be curious what the direction will be. Anyway, check this band on the internet http://www.worwyk.com/ and make sure to order your own copy! 

My rating: 88 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)