Metal To Infinity

Xinr (read: ex-sinner) was a Classic Heavy Metal band from Portland, Oregon USA contained the following members: Anton Joseph ‘Tony’ Saiz (Vocals), Shawn Tramel (Guitars), Roger DeCarlo (Guitars), Kenny Stocks (Bass) and Paul Dreyer (Drums). These guys found each other because of their passion for Metal music – had a whole lotta fun together… it was like a band of brothers hooked on the mighty forces of Metal music.  

First gig took place on the eleventh of August 1984 – it was just a dream that came true due to everything went smoothly… they had a bright future lied ahead until that tragic day, two members died in a motorcycle accident on November 30th 1984. Xinr lost two of their Metal brother – no words enough to describe the rest of the band’s grief. The loss of Tony and Shaun was hard to handle for the one left behind but as we all know – life have to go on, how hard it is! A song called ‘Ever Present Angel’ saw daylight – it was a true, heartfelt tribute for Tony and Shawn.   

What happened shortly after, well I don’t know for sure but I guess Xinr disbanded – a huge loss for all Classic Heavy Metal maniacs but almost 25 years later on, Stormspell Records from the USA gave many XINR songs some kind of a rebirth with the release of “Beyond Woodward”, a best Of Compilation – a must-have to be proud of especially when you’re hooked on US 80s Metal! 

As full respect and dignity for lost brothers, first shot on the CD is the song ‘Ever Present Angel’ – reading the lyrics myself, well I can dig all the words written in this song… words that are perfectly formulated to me. Xinr had also a second guitarist in their ranks named Roger DeCarlo – very gifted axeman that never gave up the Metal fight. Since the day Xinr was disbanded, Roger played in numerous bands – always ready to serve the Metal masses with his own ways of pulling strings. First time I heard from him again was with the band Cruella and the album “Vengeance Is Mine” in 1987 followed by a second one called “Shock The World” two years later on. Still a US Metal classic to me – especially Cruella’s debut effort was phenomenal… we’re living in 2010 at the moment – be sure I still play that one on regular times! But that was just one of all the formations Roger was involved with – other bands he offered his talents to are: Arachnid, Bunkdope, Wild Child, Electric Nutz among others. Music styles such as aggressive Death Metal, pure 80’s Heavy Metal, Hard Rock or whatever – Roger always faced the challenge and succeeded in glory… a great musician he was and surely still is! 

On “Beyond Woodward”, I only can remember the songs ‘Fight The Dragon’ and ‘The Devil’s Gone’ in the first place as can be heard on Cruella’s “Vengeance Is Mine” album but at the other side it’s great to hear the version as played from Xinr too. According to me, I see such songs as very rare but impressive works to fulfil my eighties collection even better… great to have on CD anyway! Another special one is ‘Beyond Belief’ – a poem by Tony Saiz! ‘Xinr’ is an instrumental composition that really turns me on – very typical for the early eighties is the point instrumentals were played without sophisticated gear such as we used to know nowadays. Pure as can be – straight forward, damn right those were the days guys! There are more good songs to enjoy throughout “Beyond Woodward” but I'm sure that for many people out there, it’ll take some time to get used to the sound of Xinr. It’s so 80s – so unique / rare… as printed on the inlay of the CD – this is An Arcane Classic Metal Gem! 

To concluded I’d like to recommend fans of Cirith Ungol, Witchfinder General, old Scorpions, Manilla Road, Slauter Xstroyes should give this excellent ‘reborn classic’ a try. An album with a very original, old school but unique feel from time to time but everything observed in the end – I'm absolutely pleased as a Classic Metal defender! You can retrieve more information HERE.  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)