Metal To Infinity

Because the next album of M.I.C. is already scheduled for one of the upcoming months, guitarplayer Yvon Serré decided to release an album on his own together with a collective of musicians from all around the world. M.I.C. stands for Made In China and is recording albums based on a highly creative mood. To avoid a kind of M.I.C. overkill in the scene, Yvon teamed up with friends and colleagues to record 10 tracks in his native tongue French! Quite original, especially when you know that this gifted musician is living in China for years. Anyway, the songs on ‘Trap’, are all written by Yvon except for the track “Renfermer en Prison”, which is a written by Yvon and Jean-Marc Guérette.   

The musical direction of this project, or should I mention solo adventure is good old rock’n roll with influences of classic rock and some sleazy punk impressions. It has a good old vibe and the songs will be best consumed during live performances, as they breathe passion.  Together with Tommy Burke (drums from the UK), Janice Atem (choirs from Africa), Rick O’Donald (keyboards from the UK) and Sam Lafleurs (bass from the USA), the band is accelerating in good speed rock’n roll with now and then a poppy underground.  

The names of the songs reflect what it’s all about: opener ‘Le Temp Du Rock’n Roll’ reminds us to a few decades ago, while ‘Barbie Lady’ is a cool track with a poppy chorus, to be released as a single. The songs aren’t adding to the musical scene in general, but it’s all meant to have fun, and most of all having a good time in creating and performing them.   Personally, I like my music a bit harder, so lesser rock, but more metal, and that’s what Yvon Serré isn’t delivering. This doesn’t mean that the material on this “Trap” album is substandard or outdated, but there are better releases nowadays in my general interest.   The album of Yvon is a cool overview of rock anthems, with normal vocal arrangements and now a then a nice guitar solo. This is material for people that are into rock or a combination of rock/pop, not intended to bang the head of the headbangers!  It was a nice acquaintance with the artist Yvon, and if you are interested in this man and band, just check the You Tube videos that are available frequently on the internet. Info and orders at www.yvonserre.com ! 

My rating: 76 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)