Metal To Infinity

Zarpa is a Spanish traditional Metal band that released several albums during the years. To be exact this is the 30th anniversary of the band and therefore this band delivers us a CD and DVD. Not that the band did any spectacular during their history but thirty years is something to celebrate, right? 

The reason that Zarpa isn’t that famous in our community is because the band has sworn to keep on writing songs with Spanish lyrics. I suppose only Rammstein is the exception that became mainstream without English lyrics. To be honest also the originality of their sound and music declares their immense popularity! Talking about Zarpa I dare to say that the music is far too common to touch many souls in other - but Spanish spoken - countries… 

Does that mean Zarpa don’t deliver us goodies? Oh yes, their traditional Heavy Metal is good enough and deserves at least a tryout. Okay, you shouldn’t care about the fact you don’t understand a word of the lyrics. After all it is funny to read some of the titles. Take for example “Angeles negros, demonios blancos”; I am wondering what this song is about!  

I am convinced that tracks like “”Legiones del averno”, the easy on the ear “Mi gente del rock” , “Castillas en la arena” , the dark “Dios del miedo” or “Underground” will please you. All are good Heavy Metal songs with roots in the early eighties! The vocals are good, the rhythms decent enough, most guitar solos good! 

There is one exception if we talk about the Spanish lyrics! The very last song “Iberia” is also in an English version on this CD, a bonus track! I understand why the band has chosen to use the Spanish words; hearing this song in English does not make this band better! Even more; it would make them mediocre instead of, probably, a part of immortality they own now in Spanish countries. 

No band can stand for thirty years if they don’t deliver quality. In its style Zarpa is a good band, I suppose well respected in the Spanish countries but they will never conquer the world, that’s a fact. Nevertheless something you need to check out. 

My Points: 81 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)