Metal To Infinity

When a band is formed in the late Seventies and still is unknown that might have several reasons. In Zarpa’s case that might be normal because these guys are from Spain and stick to the Spanish language in their lyrics. In the local scène that will bring success, certainly after nine albums but in the world wide Metal movement they will never break through.

I doubt if Zarpa cares about it. Being successful in a local club can mean more fun than being not mentioned in a big venue. I suppose with this newbie Zarpa especially wants to reach their own fan base, have fun and maybe want to reach the fans in the South of America. Their music is traditional and in vein of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon and all other Godfathers in Heavy Metal.

Overall this is a ‘middle of the road’ band but the songs are good performed and must please the older ones amongst us. If you don’t mind Spanish lyrics you will discover a nice band with good guitars, good rhythm sessions nice leads and a decent singer with a rather special vocal sound. Old school metal fans should check them out at

My points: 77 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)