Metal To Infinity

I was convinced, looking at the front cover, this was a new Thrash Metal band! It isn’t and as a matter of fact this is the second release of Head First Entertainment I was asked to write a review about. Only a few notes were necessary that this label is more into traditional American Hard Rock / Heavy Metal.

Zombie Shaker Box is a pretty strange name for a band. Kirk Hulshoff seems to be the leading man and is responsible for the vocals! This man grew up with bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and let’s say it is pretty obvious that he’s another traditional Rocker! Nevertheless Zombie Shaker Box sounds more modern than these bands and to me it’s clear the roots of their music can be found into the Eighties American Hard Rock scène. This kind of music indeed breathes everything from this scène and often reminds me to Ozzy Osbourne’s kind of music or should I say Jake E lee’s Badlands?

The band contains four great musicians and this very good produced CD is full of tracks which proves some professionals are playing here. “Tigerlilly” for example is a song that is, qualitative seen, can easily hook up with plenty of tracks from mainstream bands in this genre! The refrains, the choruses, the way the guitars are played, the vocals (and back vocals) are performed; wow! The red line into this CD seems to be that Southern American atmosphere, like in for example “Answer To No One”. That will possibly be the reason I made the link with Jake E lee’s projects (where is thus guy anyway?).

If you are into this kind of American traditional Hard Rock I am sure Zombie Shaker Box will be the perfect band for you. Fans of G’n R, Badlands etc. have something to look out for and I’m convinced this CD will give them that extra dimension of their summer blues…

My Points: 81 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)