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I have an enormous admiration for guitar players, so called 'shredders' since a very long time. Musicians pulling strings in a most impressive way, well it still fascinates me how it's possible to handle a guitar this way out. Since the birth of MTI webzine, we've reviewed quite a lot axe crazy instrumentalist - as for now I'm very excited to present a guy named Adrian English.  

Released by Mr. Mike McDowell and its majestic American based Shredguy Records, the ultimate label where shredders swaying the sceptre - Adrian's effort ''A.D.D.'' means a lot to me. Album number 5 for Shredguy Records company - this is the most impressive one as I may speak for myself!    

Adrian started picking those strings since the age of 10 - as written on his myspace, he was totally hooked on guitar playing after listening to that legendary solo monster 'Eruption' from Edward Van Halen... I'm sure true shred fanatics still remember this one for the everlasting beautiful and very technical 'right finger tappings' added to the song... one of the best solo's ever heard, in my opinion at least!

Learning many forms of tactics from Frank Paulino (co thought with Marty Friedman, Hawaii, Megadeth, Cacophony), came in touch with Mike Varney from legendary Shrapnel Records,... it was obvious, this guy should grew out a top notch guitar player. He's got the magical feelings deep within heart, soul and especially fingers - Adrian English is a name you better take notice of right away. All those into real shredding, well all their needs will be filled in for sure!    

He featured on Shredguy Records' compilation albums ''Shredding Across The World Vol 1 and 2''. Hearing from there, it was immediately clear that his first full length effort ''M.A.D.'' should be a blast! Stand sharp for 50 minutes of highly intense, excellent, top notch, over the top instrumental compositions all played with full technical attention. Without a doubt one of the most impressive / fastest guitarists at the moment - in the vein of Marty Friedman, Toby Knapp, Tony Ferdianelli, Chris Impellitteri, Rusty Cooley,... magnificent all the way.    

Adrian is one of those axemen turn on the power for real - expect not sentimental moment... this man goes for the real deal - fast forward with no looking back. Sometimes I hear some minor 'industrial' vibes and I really can't stand those that much but never mind... those are reduced to the minimum so there's plenty enough to enjoy throughout the entire album. I'm going crazy while hearing songs like: 'Skinless',  incredible solo's 'Taco Bell Canon' and 'Glitch', 'Jekyl-N-Hyde', 'I Evolve',  'Acidic Fairytale'. Have to admit that the sound quality could be better, more heavier... all sounds a bit too sharp but have to admit - Adrian's way of playing makes me forget about that.    

Let me say that ''A.D.D.'' is an output that definitely should be check out by people hooked on amazingly axe wielding movements those give you an excellent feeling down deep inside - besides the individual shredders  I've mentioned before, this album is also recommendable to fans of Apocrypha, Cacophony, Joe Sump’s Reign Of Terror, Dr. Mastermind. Adrian English is already added to my personal list of unforgettable guitar masters! Watch out for him at:  also take a good look at Shredguy Records via:   Full shred addicts - take your chances now, you won't be disappointed!!! 

MY POINTS: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)