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We still have three months to go before 2011 comes to an end. Before we proceed to 2012 Metal On Metal Records treats us with a few excellent works of shining steel, released in April this year! Watch out for 3 releases coming out in October 2011!

First, Chilean act Battlerage is ready to deliver their new album “True Metal Victory” next month – with a title like this, you definitely know what to expect, right?! The previous CD entitled “Blood, Fire, Steel” descended from the True Metal skies back in 2009 – it was the living evidence how strong these guys really are. Maniacs of True Heavy Metal, Battlerage’s new album will meet your ears in October 2011 through Metal On Metal Records, but there is more to expect…

Germany based old school Black / Thrash Metal band Outrage will release an album consisting of newly recorded songs they wrote in the '80s. Without a doubt old Celtic Frost, old Sodom, Venom, Hellhammer and Slaughter (Canada) fans are gonna have a blast with “Go To Hell”. Raw vocals with ultra heavy guitar riffs… I’m sure you get the picture already. Here you can listen to a 2005 version of one of their old songs, "Rigor Mortis".

Last but not least, Malta based Doom Metal merchants Nomad Son will unleash the LP version of “The Eternal Return” next month as well, which will coincide with their appearance at the Hammer Of Doom Festival in Germany on October 29th. The original CD edition saw the light of day back in July 2010 and showed the true essence of excellent Doom Metal! All those still hooked on hearing / collecting their stuff on vinyl – this will be your newest addition!

Also Frankenshred was going to be back with a brand new assault on the ear entitled “Electric Axe Attack” and I can hardly wait to hear the final result, but unfortunately their album had to be pushed to 2012 because of the delay in recording. Fact is that all Frankenshred stuff they’ve created so far was so damn good – full trust is on my side regarding the new album! US Speed / Thrash Metal including real fast and very technical shredding… I just love it! On this compilation you can listen to a demo version of one of the songs ("Metal Nation") from the upcoming album.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the doom-rocking Swedish act Mortalicum recorded a song "Black Flame (The Sinister Priest)" exclusively for this compilation – it won't appear on their next album. And also the US, Boston based powerthrashers Meliah Rage appear here with previously unreleased version of "Invincible", a song from their 2004 album "Barely Human", but re-mixed in 2010.

Established in 2008, Metal On Metal Records unleashed their first “Compendium Of Metal” compilation promo CD the same year – loaded with tracks taken from albums they released later on. I’m still very happy this label came to be. Since the very start, MOM Records spoiled us each and every year with a true feast on Metal music. Three years later now, “Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4” brings a real good and variable collection of songs made for all those into the true kinds of Metal! I’ve focused here mainly on the tracks I had never heard before and new works from excellent bands ready to unleash their new albums shortly after this review, at the end of October 2011! Order the compilation for half price and check the Metal On Metal bands at:

Compendium Of Metal Vol. 4 tracklist:

1. HEATHENDOM – ‘An Angel, A Demon And A Dying God’ (taken from “The Symbolist” CD-2011) MTI review
2. WISHDOOM – ‘Up The Hammers’ (taken from “Helepolis” CD-2011) MTI review
3. CATCH 22 – ‘Power Revolution Mad’ (taken from “Monumetal” CD-2011) MTI review
4. MELIAH RAGE – ‘Invincible’ (taken from "Barely Human Remix" CD, previously unreleased version-2010)
5. BITTER END – ‘No Law’ (previously unreleased song-1991) MTI review
6. FRANKENSHRED – ‘Metal Nation’ (previously unreleased demo track!)
7. BATTLERAGE – ‘The Devil's Wings Bring Fire From Hell’ (taken from “Blood, Fire, Steel” CD-2009) MTI review
8. OUTRAGE – ‘Rigor Mortis’ (from “A Mute Reminder” CD-2005)
9. MORTALICUM – ‘Black Flame (The Sinister Priest)’ (exclusive song-2011)
10. RAGENHEART – ‘Child Of Rage’ (taken from “Ragenheart” CD-2010) MTI review
11. NOMAD SON – ‘Winds Of Golgotha’ (taken from "The Eternal Return" CD-2010) MTI review
12. SKELATOR – ‘For Death And Glory’ (taken from "Death To All Nations" CD-2010) MTI review
13. FALLEN ANGELS – ‘Legacy Of Pain’ (taken from “Engines Of Oppression” CD-2010) MTI review

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My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)