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16/08/2007 – Interview with ADOR DORATH

The Czech melodic Death/Black Metal band ADOR DORATH (official website) released their second album, "Symbols", two years ago via the national label Shindy Productions. The music had changed since their debut "Adon Nin Edeleth Ador Dorath", but still fairly comparable with this first release. You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release I sent a couple of questions to the band to know more about this release, the video they made, the band itself, and other general things. Vocalist Lenka sent me her answers only last week, thanks to what you might call a misunderstanding (but also health and schedule problems), from her/the band's side, as the questions were sent in September 2006! Luckily the contacts with their manager Eva were good enough, but I had to persist. But all is well again and I'm looking forward to what they'll release next year and later. The questions are almost a year old, and served as a first acquaintace with the band. The next interview(s) should be more different ofcourse. ;-)

Ador Dorath logo

How was ADOR DORATH formed?

The band was formed in 1998 from the members of local bands. There were several personal changes; the founding members that remained in AD up to now are Ivoš, Kamil Pfeffer and Martin. Actually the group came into being out of enthusiasm that produced bands like MOONSPELL and SAMAEL...

What's the meaning of this peculiar band name?

Well, with such a number of metal groups it was really hard to find an original name, not from existing words, so the name is made from two words, the French would be probably closest and modified it to sound different. If you are really interested the last line of our song "V.I.T.R.I.O.L" could help. :-)

Ador Dorath - Symbols"Symbols" is your second album. how would you compare it with your debut? In addition, what do you consider the band's strong points and which aspect needs more tweaking?

It is obvious that our second album is different. I think that if it was similar to our first album there would be something wrong. As a group we think that the progress is one of the most important things. Some people liked our first album more, but we just can't do the same, we would be repeating ourselves. We are different people and more experienced musicians since our first album. We did our best to produce a better album; I would say that the music is not as straightforward as in our first album. The strong point is maybe that we still keep on making music, we are still together, a lot of bands end up because of members quarrels - definitely there are several weak points, but I will leave this to the reviews. :-)

Symbols have been used since ever, but how should I interprete the songs on the album? Did you do some kind of research before making an album about this subject?

I wanted the album to have one connecting idea and symbols were more than suitable. They can be very powerful and often speak through ordinary things. Generally the lyrics are written to complete the music and are meant to create atmosphere rather than give a clear idea. The lyrics should leave an impression, there is always a place for listener to add or find there what appeal to him or her personally. Sure that when I write the lyrics I have an idea what it is about but I want to put it in the way so that more than one interpretation is possible. You know, I'm not going to force anyone to share my view. If I read the lyrics and see that they are about something I don't like, I would be disappointed, that's why I'm trying to put there more space. What is more, symbols speak universal language so I hope that if one want the lyrics are understandable. Although they could seem not to be presented in the conventional way. As for the research, I study Comparative religions so I've touched some of the topics during my studies.

Ador Dorath bandIn July a video for "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." was shot (see picture 1 and picture 2). How was it? And will you upload it to your website or put it as an extra on the third album?

The video was a hard work and sometimes a real test what one can bear? There was unbelievable amount of things to arrange as we could spend only a little money on it - it was fun, something completely different. The video will be definitely on our third album but you can see it also on our website.

How does a song get created? Do you come together and brainstorm or is this mainly the work of only a couple of people so that the others can add their parts?

Usually there is a kind of jam at the beginning of the song. Someone comes with an idea of a melody, the others add their ideas and the long process of matching, rearranging and quarreling begin? Some songs were created in one session, some were unfinished for months.

ADOR DORATH seems to be the only Czech band that I know of (thanks to your manager Eva Dudkova who sent me the album ;-)). How known are you in your country and what are the biggest bands there?

It is not bad; we are quite popular in Czech Republic. Maybe you will know SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY playing original music deriving from the Czech folklore or FORGOTTEN SILENCE, second band of our drummer Zdenek.

Who are your heroes in the world of Metal? And who inspired you for ADOR DORATH?

As I've already mentioned the beginnings of AD were in the shade of admiration of doom/black groups, we still like them of course, MOONSPELL is playing great music .Every AD member has own favorite bands, but is not limited to metal.

Are you all active in the music business or do some of you have other daytime jobs? If so (other jobs), do you have enough time for yourselves and the band?

Well, the only player involved in the music business is Martin who has recording studio, the rest is stuck in ordinary boring jobs. Time is a problem because there are six of us and we are not from the same town, so we rehearse mainly in the evenings in weekends.

Did you follow lessons to work on your musical skills or are you all self-taught?

Mainly is AD self-taught. I used to go to singing lessons for few years and of course Martin had to go through piano lessons (which he hated as a child :-)).

Ever thought of singing in your native language? Or would the result not be as good as in English?

To tell the truth one angry reviewer from England advised us to stick to mother tongue (:-)), but we are not going to. It is international and much more melodic than Czech. I think that unprepared listener won't like it in Czech, and it would be maybe difficult for you to sing with our new CD. :-)

Question for Ivoš and Lenka: how do you take care of your voice?

No, we don't. Ivoš is definitely not taking any care and I just don't sing when I have a cold, no special tinctures or similar rubbish.

What was the responses from family, friends, colleagues to the new album?

In general it was positive, it varied. Of course the slower songs got better marks. :-)

What are the plans for the future? What would you like to see become reality with ADOR DORATH or yourself as a musician?

Well, we are working on our third album, and we hope that our fans will like it. Definitely some more concerts abroad would be a dream come true.

Ador Dorath bandHave there already been other labels interested in signing ADOR DORATH? If not, which label would best fit your needs, in your opinion?

There were some offers from Czech labels and we've chosen the best. Of course it would be wonderful to be under Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade but I'm afraid there in that direction is a very long way ahead :-)

In August you played at the Brutal Assault festival in Jaromer. How was it like? Did everything go as expected?

Yes, the concert was great, it is always nice to play with the famous bands. BA is the best organized festival of metal that we've ever experienced. We always like playing there.

Going back to the album, "Island" is the song that stands out the most because of the absence of heavy guitars and drums. It's more like meditation music. How does it fit in with the other, heavier songs and is there a certain reason to add something so different?

"Island" is Martin's song and I think it fits well in the CD, it gives you the time to digest previous songs, it gives you place for consolidation. It is a kind of a 'tradition' if I can cay that, on our first album there was also a song that prolonged the moment of switching the CD player off. :-)

I would say "any plans for a tour", but I guess it's hard to acquire the necessary funding to do so, right? Plus you also need a decent company to promote the band. But if things do work out, who would you like to tour with?

We would love to but all the tours we've planned so far didn't come to reality - it really seems not to be easy. We hope to take part in "No Mercy" tour... maybe one day

We live in a world of downloading and for some bands it's good to win new fans and for people to discover new bands. But how do you feel about this matter, from your personal point of view and in ADOR DORATH's case?

We don't mind, we understand that not everyone can get our album, but on the other hand we put a lot of energy into our album and when someone buys our album it also means a support for us. I personally worked hard on the designing the booklet so I'm happy if someone buys original CD and enjoy the visual part of it.

"Symbols" was released around the end of 2005. Have you already started working on the next album or are you still trying some things out before really focussing on new songs?

Now we are really busy working on new songs, we would like to release new album in the beginning of 2008. We really enjoy this work and we hope our fans will enjoy it too.

I'm out of questions... for now. ;-) Thanks a lot for your time and answers, best of luck with ADOR DORATH and I hope to see you one day in or close to Belgium.

Thank for your patience. :-) ADON NIN EDELETH ADODORATH!

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