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08/11/2006 – Interview with AHAB

AHAB (official website, MySpace page) is a new band in the world of Doom Metal and more specifically Funeral Doom, the awfully slow kind of Metal. The band consists of members of the Gothic Metalband MIDNATTSOL. AHAB released its debut album, "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" in the beginning of October via Napalm Records. For this piece of art they used the story of "Moby Dick" by Melville. Musically it's - as said before - very slow, dark, doomy, even creepy at times and comparable with e.g. TYRANNY. You can read my comments on it at this location. Chris Hector was dutied with delivering the answers about the album, the band and not to forget, the book.

Ahab logo

AHAB is a new band. Could you describe how it all began, what made you decide to play Funeral Doom? Furthermore, as I read on, the name of the band is a reference to the seventh king of Israel who erected a pagan temple. Could you explain this a bit more?

The beginning was when Daniel D and me started two different Funeral Doom projects. Daniel had a song first and I had already the concept and the name AHAB in my mind. As DD liked the name and the concept and I liked the first song of DD (which was "The Stream") we decided to join forces. That was the birth of our band AHAB. Stephan was our producer back then and he joined us some time later. And are wrong. Ahab has nothing to do (yet) with the seventh king beside the obvious parallel induced by Melville's book.

Ahab bandHow were the reactions from the other MIDNATTSOL members, family, friends, other bands on AHAB and the debut "The Call Of The Wretched Sea"?

Chris: Good, although none in the band is much into doom beside me and DD. Most of them didn't hear it yet. Our drummer Chris likes it - I gave him a promo. And he offered to play as a session drummer in the future.

How happy are you with the final result of the album? Did everything go according to plans?

Chris: As we didn't have a plan, we're very satisfied with the result.

With a total running time of some 67 minutes for 'only' 7 songs, I'd say that you give a lot of value for money to the fans, which can only be applauded and supported. ;-) But did you have a running time in your mind before you the songwriting was started?

No, but I have to admit, we had a bit of a competition with our fellow friends of the Black Metal band BANN. But for sure we didn't compose our music to have extremely long songs.

Which came first: lyrics or music?

As most of the lyrics are from Melville himself, this one is obvious. The lyrics came about 20thousands of years before the music :-)

Did you use a drumcomputer or a real drummer who prefers to remain unknown, as there's no mention of a drummer in the line-up?

Well our drummer is mentioned in the booklet. He's a session drummer and plays in the band LEGACY 13 (

Any tour plans? And will you be bringing a real drummer along then? ;-)

Nope, no tour plans. And of course we'd bring a real drummer may it be Corny of LEGACY or Chris M. of MIDNATTSOL.

"Moby Dick" is the center of attention. Any particular reason for having chosen this book?

Well, I liked the movies as a child. I always wanted to read the book and finally managed to read it. I was very impressed by the sheer size of the stories told in it. There are various different stories told in it.

You read the book in German and English. Which one has the better translation and how do they compare with the film?

Well, the better translation is indeed the german version, cause the English one is not a translation but the original writing. *lol* The film is nice and cult for sure but it just scratches the surface of the book.

Did everyone help in the songwriting or was this the work of one (two?) members? In addition, when was the material for "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" written?

No we all wrote the songs together. Two songs were written by DD alone. The songs were written in 2005 and 2006.

Since you're signed to Napalm Records for MIDNATTSOL, I guess it was pretty obvious you would do the same for AHAB. But did you have contact with other labels too?

Well, it's not that obvious. DRACONIAN also are signed to Napalm and the side project DOOM:VS is signed to Firedoom. So it depended on the musical taste of Max. Yep, we talked to other labels too.

The Call Of The Wretched Sea coverWho was responsible for the cover art?

A famous artist called Kinuko Y Craft (

There are also two songs from the "The Oath" EP. Did you re-record them or just added the songs as they were?

We just added them as they were.

Ahab - Christian HectorIt seems the vocal duties were divided between Daniel and Stephan. But who sang on which song? In addition, how do you take care of your voice, since growling requires a certain technique, right?

Daniel sings all the songs. Stephan only did some backing vocals on the clean parts. DD. Smokes a lot of black tobacco and likes coffee - probably that's what creates his deep growls. Don't ask me about his singing voice ;-)

The music you make with AHAB sounds very close to TYRANNY. Is the similarity a coincidence or done on purpose? Because you could get accusations of being a TYRANNY-copy. ;-)

Well, I would agree on our first song we ever did "The Stream". But "The Call Of The Wretched Sea" doesn't has much in common with TRYANNY. Don't get me wrong, TYRANNY is one of my favourite Funeral bands. But their music is way less melodic and way more enigmatic. I don't see the similarity you're talking of. Maybe you could ask Matti of TYRANNY if he thinks we have something in common, which wouldn't be the worst, I think.

With a daytime job and two bands, isn't it a hard to combine all of them? Next to that, do you still have time left for yourselves?

Sure, it's okay. We can combine everything. But of course sometimes it's hard to do concerts, write new stuff, seeing your friends and family. But it's fun anyway.

For this debut you used the "Moby Dick" story as inspiration, but have you already thought what the next album will be about? Will you again use a book or film or will you try to do something else?

The next album will for sure be about Ahab or the book "Moby Dick" or something related. It's a concept band - not only a concept album. If we sometime run out of inspiration, we'll see what we can do about it.

Many thanks for doing this interview. Best of luck with AHAB and your first album, as it's truly a masterpiece. My guess is you're going to have a hard time topping it with the next album(s), hahaha. ;-)

Thanx, too, and look out for the vinyl-issue of our demo "The Oath".

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