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18/12/2005 – Interview with CREOZOTH

CREOZOTH, the other band of CANDLEMASS guitarist Lars Johansson and drummer Jan Lindh. The band has recently released their debut, "Creozoth", via Escapi Music. You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with mainman and guitarist Lars Johansson, about the album, touring, and more.


Hello Lars. First of all, congratulations with CREOZOTH's first album. To be honest - and this is just a personal opinion ;-) -, there are good songs on it, but if I may compare with CANDLEMASS (though it's probably a little misplaced), the result could have been better (sound, vocals), in my opinion. Unless this is a warm-up for the next album(s). I don't consider it an album to be played a lot, but more on certain moments, when this kind of music is more appopriate. And now the question, based on this 'personal opinion': Was it an easy delivery or did you encounter certain problems which had to be dealt with during the recording? Is this the result what you had in mind and/or would you still want to change something?

Sorry for not beeing able to doing any mailjob, the end (2 weeks) of the tour with CANDLEMASS was rather hectic.... But here I am... No I dont want to change anything, everything changes during the hole period of recording and mixing, so the result will always change from the original thought you had to start with, and thatīs the fun part with it..

Why was the name CREOZOTH chosen? I'm not asking for the meaning, but the reason for that name. What makes this a better name for the band than any other?

I was thinking of that fat guy in the Monty Phyton movie that eats until he explodes. Sometimes I feel that we treat our world the same, so I respelled it so it would look cooler. But it has other meanings too..

With CREOZOTH, there's also a change of style: CANDLEMASS = Doom Metal, CREOZOTH = doomy rock. I guess you wanted to make something different than with CANDLEMASS, but still hold on to your origins, right? Also, do you think it's better if a musician plays a different kind of music when in another band or solo project for the sake of variety or should one play the same kind of music as the original band?

If you want to do something on your own, just do it.. What style is not that important, but since I was born with Black Sabbath and stuff like that, makes me wanna do heavy metal the way I do, until other styles and intrests in life inspires you..

Next to the sound, another clear thing is the tracklisting is divided in midtempo songs and slow(er) songs. Is this a coincidence or was this kind of order deliberately chosen?

Just a coincidence, I wasnīt thinking about that at all.

Were there songs left out and for what reason? Also, will they be used for the next album(s), be it maybe in altered versions?

Spellbound - Incoming DestinyNo, those were the songs we had for the first album, more to come...

Did everyone contribute or were you the mainman behind it all?

I do the songs and maybe 80% of the lyrics, so I'm kind of the "mainman".

I know the album's just out, but do you already have ideas for the next album? And possibly a date?

I have couple of songs, but no date, that is little too early to decide right now.

How would you compare being in CREOZOTH with being in CANDLEMASS, also when recording, writing, composing, ... ?

In CANDLEMASS Leif Edling writes the songs, and in CREOZOTH I write mostly everything, and that is working verry well, you don't think about the difference in making music when you are in the middle of it.

CREOZOTH bandWhat do the other CANDLEMASS members think of the album and of CREOZOTH in general?

I think they find it kind of nice, don't you think ? :-)

You will probably tour for this album. If so, will it be with CANDLEMASS - which is probably easier - or seperate with other bands? And why?

We like to do some festivals to begin with, then we'll see..

Apparently, CREOZOTH doesn't have a website yet (or I didn't search well enough). Will there be one and can you stick a date on it? And if there is one, what is the url? ;-)

People are working on that, it will be www.creozoth something ??

You're on tour now with CANDLEMASS. How's it going so far, also with DESTRUCTION?

Well the tour is over now, and that was really great I can tell you..

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Good luck with CREOZOTH and CANDLEMASS and the rest of the tour.

Thank you... see you out there...

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