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27/06/2006 – Interview with HEAVY LORD

HEAVY LORD (official website), a rising Doom band from The Netherlands, has recently (re-)released their debut, "From Cosmos To Chaos", via the Russian label Solitude Productions. You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with drummer Wout about the album, the label, the band, and more

Heavy Lord logo

How was the band formed? How did it all begin and what/who inspired you?

HEAVY LORD started in the summer of 2003 when our guitar player Jeff and Wes Lee started to jam and formed a band, SABBATH style!! Soon Steven, our base player played along with them and they tried out different drummers but couldn't find one that fitted the style. I was 'bandless' at the time and offered my services, that seemed to work out well so here we are.Wouter drums

Are you self-taught musicians or did you take lessons? And what are the things you still need to work on?

We are all self taught, some of us had some lessons but most of our knowledge comes from what we learned ourselves. All four of us can be better in many ways and comes with time as they say. But we are not a technical math band or something we just want to rock and to kick ass and we think we can.

"From Cosmos To Chaos" first came out in 2005, but a couple of months ago it got released via a Russian label called Solitude Prod. How did they get in touch with you and why did you choose that label? In addition, have there been talks with other labels too?

We wanted to release the album anyway so first of all we did it ourselves, but we caught the ear of Solitude productions and they had interest, did an offer and it was all good. As our guitar player Jeff comes from Ukraine, he speaks Russian like you read the paper. Itís easy to communicate with them. In the past months there have been talks to some labels. We"ll see what comes out of that.

What exactly is the story/theme behind "From Cosmos To Chaos"? What are the songs about?

Heavy Lord - From Cosmos To ChaosThese are just 5 songs that we liked very much and we thought that they would fit together so we just wanted to release them, no matter what. Lyrics handle about all sort of things from drug abuse to depressions to dictatorship, manipulation, all sorts of fun stuff. Just whatever pops up, we are very spontaneous about that you know.

What's the opinion of friends and family about HEAVY LORD? Do you get reactions from foreign bands as well?

There is a good support from family and friends, they respect what we do. We had a lot of reactions from foreign bands as well along with a lot of people who are interested in us. Its a good feeling you know but we don't let it influence what we want to do musically or something. We do what we want, no one can stop that!

Are you going to 'tour' (and come to Belgium ;-)) or will you limit that to a certain minimum to be able to work on the next album? And speaking of the follow-up, do you already have ideas or certain things (riffs, melodies, ...) ready?

We're doing gigs regularly all around Holland. Not really touring like going away for 3 months or something. We did a couple of gigs in Belgium and a short tour in Germany as well and we always write new material. We never stop doing gigs cause we like it a lot. Our new cd that comes out next year has already been written for about 90%. We are putting all ends together right now and go into the studio end of this year. We just left off where "From Cosmos To Chaos" left off only with new vibes and ideas with that. We are very excited about it, you'll see in time!!Steve vocals bass

What inspires you to write lyrics?

Everything can inspire a lyric, a movie, a book or a random thought or subject, just like I said, whatever pops up!

How does a HEAVY LORD song get born? Do you get together and discuss or do you jam and see what comes out? Furthermore, music first or lyrics first?

Well, Jeff and Wes Lee always have a lot of riffs and we jam on them and see what works and what doesn't. It's always music first and it is very different, sometimes a song is born in 3 or 4 rehearsals and sometimes it takes a year, it all depends on what we want to achieve with the song. All songs have different vibes to us.

Which musicians or bands are your heroes, by manner of speech, and which served as an example for HEAVY LORD?

BLACK goddamn SABBATH!!!!! 1970/1975!!! and a lot of bands from the nineties like CATHEDRAL, ELECTRIC WIZARD, CROWBAR, DOWN but also TOOL, FAITH NO MORE, KYUSS and all music that comes from the heart and is heavy (in one or another way). We have personal heroes as well, you can read that on our site.

Is HEAVY LORD the only band you play in? If not, which other bands demand your attention and is it easy to combine them?

Yeah, only Wes Lee has another band that is less busy than HEAVY LORD but very important for him to release some musical visions he has. We all jam with different people all the time (we are musicians after all) but no fulltime bands or something.Wes Lee guitars

What other music do you listen to and does it serve as an influence for HEAVY LORD?

Yeah its good to listen to different styles of rockíníroll you know. I personally am a lot into rock and not really metal. I like bands that are original and have their own vision and way of making music. I'm not going to list it, that list would be 40 pages or something and I donít like to bore people.

How did you get into Metal and what do you find so great about it?

I got into rock/metal when I was like 9 years old and I just liked the realness of it all, its honest and purity and I like that in music. But a lot of metal bands are so cliché nowadays, it bores the shit out of me!! That's why I like bands who have their own style. I mean, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by certain bands or something but do something with it thatís natural for you. In HEAVY LORD there are no boundaries, as long as its heavy.

Downloading is a hot topic and has its pro's and con's. Personally, I find it ok if the albums aren't available anymore or if you want to check out new bands, after which you buy the albums you like. Otherwise the files should be deleted. What's your view on the matter and do you download?

I never download music cause I prefer the real deal. If people check out music and download it there is nothing wrong with that. But if I really like a record I'll go out and buy the real one!!

What are the plans for the future, on a personal and/or professional level?

We just want to make records, do more gigs and spread our word!! Maybe a longer tour in the future would be nice but we all have our obligations and Iím a father too so things need to be planned carefully. Basically what it comes down to is that we just want to fucking rock!!!

Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with in the future, be it a musician, producer, graphical artist, ...?

Jeff guitarsNot really. I want to jam with John Bonham and Dimebag Darrell when Iím dead. But on a serious note, If anyone knows how to rock or to make cool art they are free to contact us in one way or another. Time will tell.

When not making music, how do you spend your time?

We all have work and school to do and I have to raise my little girl too, besides that we just party and have fun, hang out, be creative whatever we want.

Do you keep track of the scene, check out new bands? In general, what do you think of today's scene?

I don't really like the word scene. It's all music to me you know? But besides that we regularly check out new bands not only metal and rock but all kinds of music.

Last words are for you. Many thanks for doing this interview and all the best with HEAVY LORD.

Well thanks to you for your interest. check out and our label for all the info you want on shows etc. And when were in your town, come check us out and be blown away!!!! 666

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