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26/06/2006 – Interview with INNERWISH

INNERWISH (official website), the Greek melodic Powermetal band, has recently released its third album "Inner Strength". You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with guitarist Manolis Tsigos about the album, touring, their popularity in Greece, and more.

Innerwish logo

"Inner Strength" has recently been released. How do you feel about it? Satisfied with the result or are there things you would like to have changed, but because of whatever reason it wasn't possible?

We are 100% satisfied with the release of "Inner Strength". It is an album which in our opinion contains a variety of great songs and melodies and also has a very clear and strong production.But as you know when every band hear the final result of its effort, there are always things that should be different.In our cd maybe we would change some orchestral parts in 1 or 2 songs.

When was the material for "Inner Strength" written and did you need make adjustments before or during your time in the studio?

After the release of our previous album "Silent Faces" we started composing songs for the forthcoming cd. We made 2 pre-productions in our home studio and with the guidance of our producer and our company we made the final changes and adjustments to the songs and we entered the studio.

The record was produced by R.D. Liapakis. Why did you appeal to his services and what's it like working with him? Did he give his ideas on the songs, on what could be done differently or improved?

"Inner Strength" is the second album that we worked with Lia. He is a well-known producer and singer, he is a good friend of us from the past and he knows his work very welll. He gave us great advices for the songs, especially in the sounding part. For the orchestration and the melodies Thymios and I are the only composers.

What is "Inner Strength" about?

"Inner Strength" is all that exist inside our soul and give us the internal forces to carry on.

The new album also sounds - at least certain songs, e.g. "Never Let You Down", "Eye Of The Storm" - like STEEL ATTACK ("Where Mankind Fails" album) and MYSTIC PROPHECY, where Dimitri Liapakis handles the mic and production. Is that a coincidence or did these bands influence you in a way?

Innerwish - Inner StrengthNon of these band are INNER WISH's influences. We have been raised in '80s and the hard rock and heavy metal of that period with more modern orchestration is what our band plays

This is your second album under LMP's wings. How's the collaboration going so far?

Limb is well known and respected person in the musical industry for 20 years now and he has helped many bands so far with his knowledge and experience. Our collaboration with him and his company is great and we hope that we will continue working with him for along time.

How does a INNERWISH song get created? Do you sit together and exchange ideas or does one start with a riff or melody and do the others then add their parts/ideas/suggestions? In addition, music or lyrics first?

Innerwish bandThymios and I are the main composers of inner songs. We make the songs together either starting with a riff or with a good vocal melody. When we have something almost completed we rehearse with the other guys in order to make the necessary changes in the rhythm section and other musical parts. Lyrics are always been written after the finishing of all music themes.

Where do you get (in general) inspiration for the lyrics?

Inner lyrics have always their origin in personal situations and feelings that we need to express or describe. In this record we have also a song that talks about the history of our country long time ago. This is the "Gates Of Fire" that is about the battle of Thermopyles.

"Inner Strength" also has very nice artwork. Who's responsible for that and what's the link with the songs?

Axel Herman, a very well known designer made the cover artwork and Thomas Ewerhard, also very well known, did all the sleeve design.

Are there tour plans, visiting other countries?

There will be a tour in our country in the autumn and at this time we discuss with one of the biggest managements in Europe in order to become their members and schedule a European tour. As you know nowadays for the not famous bands is really difficult to make plans for a tour without the support of a big management company.

How would you compare "Inner Strength" with the previous records? Also, as a band/musicians, what evolution do you see and what do you think are your strong or weaker points, things you can work on?

Innerwish - bandI think "Inner Strength" has a greater production than the previous records and songs from different styles that make this cd more attractive for the majority of fans, without losing our character in none of them. I think that the strong point of INNERWISH is the melodies and the weakest is that our orchestrations are not so powerful and aggressive as other melodic metal bands. And this is the thing that we are going to work and alternate it in the next album.

It says on LMP's site that INNERWISH is Greece's biggest band, but somehow I think more of a FIREWIND, MYSTIC PROPHECY, NIGTHFALL, ROTTING CHRIST, ... when talking about Greek metal. Or am I mistaken? How 'famous' are you in Greece and beyond?

Look, you must ask the Greek fans if we are the biggest band in our country in our style. The only thing that I can tell you is that "Silent Faces" was the album with the biggest sales from a melodic metal local band in Greece far from MYSTIC PROPHECY or FIREWIND or others when these bands are much more famous than us outside Greece. But none of them with the exceptance of the FIREWINDís current line-up are or started as total greek band. NIGTHFALL and ROTTING CHRIST are the biggest Greek bands in another musical way that can be compared with the melodic metal

Do you already have ideas or certain riffs/melodies/... ready for the next album?

Yes. We have already composed 3 new songs. The style is more melodic and more power.

All of the songs are in English, which is good for reaching an international public. But have you never considered singing in your own language? Not that I understand it, but some bands (Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, ....) do it a lot. If not considered, is it because it doesn't sound that good? ;-)

We have never considered writing lyrics in our mother language because we believe that the Greek words donít fit the heavy sound.

When performing live, do you prepare in a certain way or do you just go on stage and do your thing?

Innerwish bandEvery live performance of INNERWISH is being prepared with many rehearshals and in a certain way because we always want to give to the audience the best we can. Our inner wish is that we want to be everytime better and better and due to the fact that we canít perform as often as we want, we need to rehearse as often as we can not only for our pleasure but also for the evolution of the bandís performing.

When not making music, how do you spend your time?

We spend the most of our free time with our families and doing things like all people. Cinema, reading books, travel outside our land.

Can you live off the music you make with INNERWISH?

Not so far. We all have day jobs. We all hope that in the future we will be able to make our innerwish come true and be full time musicians

What other music do you listen to and what do you like about it?

Our musical preferences except hardíníheavy music contain blues,aor and classic rock.

Any plans for the future, things you would like to see become reality be it for INNERWISH or yourself personally?

The biggest dream of INNERWISH? Our music to be loved by every fan.

Final words are for you. ;-) Thanks a lot for doing this interview and all the best with INNERWISH.

We must thank you for your interest in our music. INNERWISH wish you all your dreams to be fulfilled.

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