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08/03/2006 – Interview with MYSTIC CIRCLE

MYSTIC CIRCLE (official website), the long-time running German Black Metalband, has released its debut album last month: "The Bloody Path Of God". You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with the vocalist/bassist Marc Beelzebub about the album, touring, and more.


First of all, congratulations with "The Bloody Path Of God". A job very well done, even though it was the first time I listened to a MYSTIC CIRCLE album. Mainly the more-Death-than-Black parts made it more convincing.

Thanks man.

How would you compare "The Bloody Path Of God" with the previous albums?

Beelzebubthe new album has all the stuff that MYSTIC CIRCLE had made famous over the years. we compare on this record all the extreme metal parts with dark and bombastic keyboards.

Since Necrodemon played the drumparts again, but is no longer an active member, how did you work? First the guitar and vocals parts, and then the drums or the other way around?

We wrote the songs in the studio this time in cooparation with Necrodemon. Necro just wants to concentrate on his studiowork now and doesn't wanna go on tour anymore. There were no bad blood between us.

Necrodemon left a couple of months ago (as an active member) - but did the drums for the new album - and a new drummer seems to have been found. Dementum was the name I saw on your MySpace page. Could you give some more info as to who he is, which band(s) he plays/played in, ...? Also, how do you feel about the change in line-ups that happened throughout the years?

We hate the line up changes. hopefully in the future we can contain with a constand line up. Dementum also left the band because he is studying and has no time. But we begin to practice with a new drummer at the end of the month.

Speaking of new members: which requirements does he have to meet? In addition, have you never felt the need for a second guitarist?

Maybe in the future we'll take a second guitar player, but first we're going to fix the line up with a new drummer.

MYSTIC CIRCLE - The Bloody Path Of God"The Bloody Path Of God" has some stunning artwork. Who's responsible for that?

The same man who did the new EXODUS cover. He is great. A guy who lives in L.A., a very good artist.

Where did the inspiration come from for the lyrics of the new album?

It shows a priest that walk on the bloody path of the church. It shows the whole image of the new album.

Which MYSTIC CIRCLE album do you consider the best so far and why?

We like all the albums 'cause it shows our musical style over the years. Every album is like your own satanic bastard thats really cool.

MYSTIC CIRCLE are a band who tour a lot. Is there a special reason for being so long on the road, like you want to stay busy and in the meantime write new songs? Or do the new songs get born when you're 'off the road', not touring?

We like to play, but this time we make a break and start to play with the summer festivals.

You'll be touring for "The Bloody Path Of God" as well and so far Wacken-Open-Air and With Full Force Open Air have been scheduled. Which other festivals or countries do you plan to visit? And with whom (support/headliners)?

Maybe a big tour in september. but we wait for the confirmation. We will see.

With all this touring, is there anything peculiar that has happened while you were performing or during the preparations? No matter if it's something positive or negative.

It's too long to tell you every detail, but there were many situations good and bad, funny and sad. That's tour life.

Venues or festivals? And what are the advantages one has over the other?

We like to play venues and festivals both of course. At the venues you get more power by the fans 'cause you are closer. On festivals you meet many great people, that's cool too.

Since you've played with bands like DIMMU BORGIR, IMMORTAL, DEICIDE, and more, do you see yourself making an album with one of these bands - or better said, with those musicians? Or any other collaboration you'd like to do? A Black Metal opera maybe?

No, but we like many of those persons, like CANNIBAL CORPSE for example.

Musically the music is going more the Death Metal way, or at least, between Death and Black. You also gave more attention to the screams again instead of the grunting/growling. How do you explain this evolution and what's your vision for the future?

he next album will be a brutal extreme metal album. also with dark keyboards and a bit faster than "The Bloody Path Of God".

What do you think about the Black Metal scene? Which bands stand out, which ones are fillers, which bands deserve more attention, ... ?

Beelzebub - Ezpharess We don't care about this. Metal is Metal and music is music. Whether you like it or not. That's all.

What are the plans for MYSTIC CIRCLE for the future? A live album, perhaps?

First the festivals, then Europe tour and then a new album next year.

Except for Black Metal, which other bands/artists (incl. non-Metal) do you listen to?

DARK FUNERAL for example.

Are there bands/musicians you look up to, people you admire/respect for what they've done in the world of Metal?


Have you ever gotten complaints from religious people about your music/lyrics? (cf. Muslims and the Danish cartoons). How do you respond (or not) to that?

No, but we are against any kind of religion.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview. Good luck with the new album and the live performances. If there's anything you want to add, don't let me stop you. ;-)

Yes, check out our website and listen to our new album "The Bloody Path Of God". See you on the road.

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