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31/01/2006 – Interview with SEDUCED BY SUICIDE

SEDUCED BY SUICIDE (official website), a self-financed project by BLOOD TEARS vocalist/instrumentalist Earth, has released its first record this month: an MCD "Gothic Dream". You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with the man behind this all, Earth, about the album, touring, and more.


If I may start with a personal question.. is Earth your artist name or your original name? And is there a particular reason for having chosen that name?

Thatís my real name. Not the only one of course. My parents are lovers of the nature, so they decided to give this name to their son.

In your other band, BLOOD TEARS, you're responsible for the clean vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and programming. Did you do this for SEDUCED BY SUICIDE as well?

Seduced By Suicide bandSure, itís a solo project, at least so far.

Where did you learn to sing and play instruments? Did you take special lessons or did you learn it on your own? Because mainly your voice positively surprised me.

I took some lessons long time ago.. but most of the things Iíve learned by myself. I prefer to learn and to make things on my own.

SEDUCED BY SUICIDE's music resembles that of many other artists: HIM, TYPE O NEGATIVE, PARADISE LOST, etc... Is that a coincidence or are those the kind of bands that influenced you?

I love those bands, but there are many other influences. Bands that no one would think about... I like many genres of music.

Which artists do you look up to or simply like what they do, no matter what music genre, and why?

I like the melancholy of CARDIGANS and SMASHING PUMPKINS, the love vows of "Hunger" (the movie), the energy of GARBAGE, the atmosphere of "Doom" (the game), the anger of many Black Metal bands, the coldness of BOWIE as the "Thin White Duke"...

How long have you been playing with the idea of SEDUCED BY SUICIDE and why did you make it a one-man-project, or was this non-intentional?

The idea of SEDUCED BY SUICIDE came in the end of 2004. In the very beginning we were four. After some days two. A little later just me. Anyway, I like to be the only member in the band. But I canít say that Iím alone because of two friends, Emanuel Seagal and Arntor those sometimes work more for SEDUCED BY SUICIDE than me.

In the press kit I read you intend to form a full line-up to play live in North America and Europe with session musicians from both regions. Are you already in talks with some people who could fill the right positions?

Yes, I have some good friends in both continents.

In addition to the previous question, will the next album(s) still be done by you only or will you also have other musicians assisting you?

The writing/recording/production/etc will be made all by myself. The guest musicians will play on live gigs only.

Seduced By Suicide - Gothic DreamWhat's the opinion so far from the press, friends, colleagues, ... about "Gothic Dream"?

It could NOT be better...

The band name has very much to do with the theme of the songs. But will you continue this theme on the next albums or do you have something else in mind?

The idea of SEDUCED BY SUICIDE is to make ultra-romantic gothic rock songs. In the day that Iíll change my mind, Iíll probably create another band.

For the lyrics, where do you draw inspiration from? Books, television, nature, ...?

From my nature, my cats, my experiences, the things I love (and hate at the same time), some bands of course, a few old movies sometimes, the beauty of winter days of my land...

What's your way of working: music first, then the lyrics or vice versa?

Everything happens at the same time! Thereís no order, no warning, no try.

"Gothic Dream" is in general about lovers committing suicide to be with each other for all eternity. That's a romantic deed, but also one that requires much courage and guts. Since no one returned from the dead to tell what's next when this life is over, I see no reason for suicide. Furthermore, you chose this life, you can meet many equally minded people, discover so many things, gaining more knowledge, do stuff that pleases you, and whatever more. There are so many beautiful things in life, things worth living for and you still can be together. This is a topic that can be discussed for a long time, but since that's the theme for "Gothic Dream", I'm curious how you feel about it.

I understand you! But remember, everything, including suicide is beautiful in a ultra-romantic view, every love is perfect and everything leads to death if you want to keep this feeling safe from the reality. You must know that the day after day kills that perfect love, while the suicide of the lovers can make it eternal.

With which music did you grow up and what do you find so great about rock/Metal?

With Pop, Rock and Metal mostly. The best thing about metal and specially rock is their versatility.

Are you privileged to live from your music, or is a full-time job still required?

I work with music only. Music production/engineering is my full-time job.

Downloading music is a sensitive subject. What's your view on it, also for artists like yourself? One of the reasons why I ask this, is - unless I have overlooked this - SEDUCED BY SUICIDE is a self-financed project, right? Or are there labels who have shown interest and are prepared to take you under their wings?

If there wasnít mp3s, SEDUCED BY SUICIDE wouldnít be as known as it is today. About labels, nothing concrete yet.

You also have your own recording and design studio, Nitro Sound Solutions. Could you give some more details about it, like why this was set up, who's it for, ...?

This recording studio was one of my dreams. I always wanted to work on music production. I record mostly rock and metal bands there.

Obrigado for taking the time for this interview. All the best with SEDUCED BY SUICIDE, BLOOD TEARS and other bands you're involved in. Hopefully you'll get to tour in Europe, and more specifically Belgium. ;-) If there's something you want to add, let it flow.

Thank you! Iíd like to invite the ones who would d like to know a bit more about SEDUCED BY SUICIDE to visit and download some of the many mp3s available there, including the 2006 version of the KISS cover.

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