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17/02/2006 – Interview with SENCIROW

SENCIROW (official website), a German Powermetal band who's been active since 1996, has released its debut album last month: "Perception Of Fear". You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with the vocalist/guitarist Daniel 'Kensington' Seifert about the album, touring, and more.


First of all, congratulations with the new album. I personally find this one of the best powermetal albums of the last couple of years and also this year. When I first heard it, I instantly knew this is a masterpiece. How do you feel now that it's released, after months of hard work?

We are very proud, because with a having a regular debut album with a great label on our side, we think we have a good start to promote our music towards more people. especially compared to our first demos.

We do everything ourselves. It was at a birthday party that we heard of Andy Classen and decided that we wanted to have the same sound.

Andy Classen, who also produced the album of SPELLBOUND...

Daniel SeifertYes, SPELLBOUND, we know them. We exchanged our demos for their album. :-)

What's the opinion of friends, family, ... on "Perception Of Fear"?

they think it's really awesome, they like it too. Many people think we can reach a higher point after the demos. When AFM can do something more for us, like getting us to be a support band for a bigger band, we can do more than just sell cd's.

Are you going to tour for "Perception Of Fear"?

No, there are no tour plans at the moment. We try to organize everything ourselves and ask bands to accompany them. But it's different this way.

How would you compare "Perception Of Fear" with the first 2 demos?

We've become better in playing our instruments. The songwriting is better and of course the sound as well, thanks to the studio. There are some demo songs we play live. for example, "Dreamspace", which comes of the first demo, is a song Andy Allendörfer really liked and he told us we could re-record it.

You have ideas and you want to play them, but you're not technical enough to be able to play them. So you keep on practising until you can play those ideas you had. Playing your instrument is very important to improve yourself.

Speaking of the demos, is there a chance they will be re-released or do you focus on new songs and continue that way?

No, we won't re-release the demos. Perhaps we will re-record one song from the second demo, but making new songs and recording them is our way of working.

The theme of "Perception Of Fear" seems to be politically charged. when I hear the lyrics of "Burn It Down", "Connection Of Evil", "Wargames", ... is there a central theme throughout the album?

It's about the stories of our lives, the whole world affaires, ... We don't do the Fantasy-thing, slaying dragons and stuff. Many things go wrong and we try to put our feelings into the songs. All people have these stories and when you read the lyrics, you see the same problems in your country.

The theme for "Wargames" is like a man sitting in his chair, having a beer in one hand, chips in the other and watching the news on television. Every time you look at the news, it's like a gameshow: a war here, a war there, ... But everybody has to think about this, has to realize something's wrong.

When writing songs, which comes first: music or lyrics?

Music comes first at most times. We would get together in the rehearsal room and put our ideas together. But when you have a lyric, there are times you feel a certain melody will fit.

Sencirow - Perception Of FearDid everyone contribute to the songs or did you mainly write the songs?

Mostly all of us work together. On "Perception Of Fear" there are songs that I wrote (e.g. "Burn It Down") and Flip, the other guitarist, wrote songs like "Wargames". After that we rehearse and play those songs. Holger and Fischer then add their parts to them. We come with ideas and try to play them. It's a productive way of working.

Were there songs left out for "Perception Of Fear"?

No, no songs left out. The songs were all written before we entered the studio. "Connection Of Evil" was written before going to the studio, but Timo didn't like the riffs that much. So overnight we did another riffing and played it completely and for the first time in the studio.

The eye on the cover, is that the 'evil' eye, the 'Big-Brother-is-watching-you' eye?

The eye is the mirror of your soul and you can read in your eyes how you feel, how happy or sad you are. A friend of us photographed an eye and we sent this to AFM. They liked it. Thomas Ewerhard (MASTERPLAN, BRAINSTORM, ...) did the cover art.

Do you already have ideas or songs ready for the next album?

Yes, at the moment two songs are ready and we have enough ideas to make the album this year. The plan is to record it next year. We must work since there are no concerts planned, not even festivals. We played at a little festival in Wuppertal, but this year we won't do festivals. We also play in smaller clubs and this is really cool, as you have more contact with the audience.

True, while on festivals it's more like a window in a shop: good as a means of promotion for the band.

Yes and the stages are so high. Where are you? Where is everyone? (*laughs*)

One curious thing that was mentioned in the press-release: to promote SENCIROW, you threw CDs on stage during IRON MAIDEN's performances. Apparently Nico McBrain liked your music.

I don't know what Nico thought of it, he never contacted us. We do this since our first demos. At every concert we threw tapes on stage and now we have promos by ourselves.

I must admit this is a crazy but original idea. Who came up with it?

Senciorw - Timo It's Timo's and my idea. One moment, Timo said 'Hey, IRON MAIDEN is performing in Prague.' I said, let's go. :-) We've flown to Prague and Athens for IRON MAIDEN.

And is this how you got picked up by AFM?

No, but we've been friends with Andy Allendörfer (SQUEALER, AFM Records - R.I.P.) for quite some time. AFM is very close to our homes. We told him we were going to Andy Classen's studio to record the album. He heard the mastered product and it would be good to do a deal. But he died unfortunately and so we had to talk to other people from AFM.

For how many albums have you signed?

Just this album. And if we (incl. AFM) think it's great to continue, then AFM will release more albums. So you have to buy many copies of the album to convince them to keep supporting us, hahaha. ;-)

Let's go back in time. When you were younger, when you were a kid, what kind of music did you listen to and how did you get into Metal?

I mostly listened to radio music...

...schlagers? (*laughs*)

Don't you ever say that word again! ;-) No, not schlagers. In school - we were 11 or 12 years old - a guy coms with a CD from JUDAS PRIEST. I liked it. Later I borrowed some CDs from MOTÖRHEAD, SEPULTURA, IRON MAIDEN... and then I knew, Heavy Metal is my thing.

What's your opinion on today's metalscene?

There are a lot of bands today, maybe too many. It's a little like bands in mainstream: it's possible for a band to release two albums or so and then it's over. you don't have time to grow. Back in the day, labels used to have a few bands on their roster and they had time to develop themselves. Now we must do the most things ourselves to survive. Also, and not only in Germany, there are many good bands that deserve to record an album, to get signed by a label, but aren't in that position.

How do you feel about downloading? Does it have advantages, and in SENCIROW's case?

Sencirow bandFor big bands it's bad, but for a band like us it's good, because many people can hear our music. I think that in the future downloading will increase, but you will also have to pay for it. The internet will play a bigger role.

Is there a special meaning for the name SENCIROW?

no specific reason, no. It's just a name. Timo came up with it.

Come on, tell me, I feel there's a reason. ;-) Give me a scoop.

(*laughs*) Nono, there is no reason. Ok, I can tell you it involved a lot of Jack Daniels.

One personal question to finish with: are you related to Michael Seifert from REBELLION?

No, not at all. Seifert is very common name in Germany.

Ok, Daniel, it's been a pleasure talking to you...


...good luck with "Perception Of Fear" and hopefully 'till at a concert (preferrably) here in Belgium.

Thank you. If we come to Belgium, we can a have beer or two or three, or a whisky. ;-)


We also reminisced about "Headbangers' Ball" with Vanessa Warwick, who presented the programme around the '90s. And how MTV is crap nowadays.

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