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22/11/2005 – Interview with SPELLBOUND

SPELLBOUND (official website), a rising Thrash band aus Deutschland, home of Thrashlegends DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR, and more. The band has recently released their debut, "Incoming Destiny", via Armageddon Music. You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release, I had a little interview with mainman and guitarist David Maier and singer/bassist Lennart Vocke, about the album, touring, and more.


Congratulations with your first album. It really surprised me, because of its roughness ānd the comparisons with old KREATOR/EXODUS/DESTRUCTION, though maybe the drums could use a little more variation, but that's a small detail here. ;-)
How do you feel about having your first full album released after three demos? Are you satisfied with the result or are there things that couldn't be dealt with in the right way because of cost issues or time or another reason?

David: Of course, you can always make something better but I think the songs are really kicking ass and weīre definitely satisfied with the result and we feel great! Unfortunately, we never can satisfy everybody.. Somebody thinks itīs too fast, too slow, too progressive, too simple.. To your small criterion: O.k. "Incoming Destiny" is a fast metal album but there are much faster ones out there! Go and get the greatest Thrash classic around the world until now: SLAYER's "Reign in Blood". Almost one tempo, not approximately so variable like our stuff but it is one of the best metal releases ever!

Lennart: And itīs not the most varying album too, hehe! Thrashbeat from second one until the end, I guess we have some more variation in "Incoming Destiny"!

"Incoming Destiny" gets a lot of positive comments by the media. Did you expect it to score so well?

Lennart: Well we were hoping for it! And in fact, we were confident that we delivered a strong record, but still, itīs nice to read those reviews and to get the reassurance that it worked out indeed! And we really try to read all of them, hehe.

Where does the name SPELLBOUND come from? Who came up with it?

David: Once I came up with a few names but SPELLBOUND was one of the most significant ideas. The name reflected what we are and besides, it sounded very nice!

Lennart: And itīs easy to remember, which is important for a new band!

David, "Incoming Destiny" is about withheld information. I take it you've done quite some research on this theme. Why did you choose to discuss this subject and what's your view/opinion about it?

David: Itīs a difficult theme.. You canīt explain it in a few words but I think that every little bit thinking person knows that some things in our history or in our regime not can be the truth. The most people also knows that the politicians worldwide (I donīt only want to critic the U.S.) telling us lies. But fucking why? Itīs a very important question and we should think about it and not look away and stay dumb! Also, the lyrics on our album canīt give answers cause the themes would be too extensive and too many speculations - that’s not my intention. Anyway, the lyrics reflect some effects of a conspiracy and give us an insight into a world of lies. Nobody has to believe in these lyrics, you also can understand it as amusing science fiction stories..

What does the album title refer to?

Spellbound - Incoming DestinyDavid: The title has two senses. On the album cover you can see a kind of conference between dangerous guys. Well, when this nice gentlemen even would be friends, than they could design plans which would be a catastrophic destiny for the hole humanity... Simultaneous, the second sense reflect the title track "Incoming Destiny". It refer to an old, long forgotten story based on the newest translations of the Sumerian stone boards. Therefore was a 12th Planet in our solar system which had an elliptic orbit around the sun. At his entry again in the system he collided with another Planet which was broken apart and itself reformed on another place, there it could get optimum conditions for life and our earth was born. So the 12th planet was the greatest incoming destiny for all life on earth, all pain, all death, everything!

Who designed the cover? And is that an alien overseeing the conversations between Bush, Bin Laden, the pope and the fourth person (whom I don't recognize right away)?

David: The cover was designed by a really talented guy called Stefan Winter. We had a long discussion about withheld information and we told him how the cover should look like. I think he did a great job and weīre also proud to have a real painting and no computer generated meaningless pic. Unfortunately, many people underrate this nowadays and rather discuss about 'too rough' or 'too trashy'.. But that’s it. The creature which is hovering is the root of all evil. Its only a symbol cause NOBODY knows exactly who they are and what they want. Also, the greatest Illuminates know nothing about them but they believe in their 'gods' and do what they demand. And who is this human reptile? Please donīt ask. Itīs very dangerous! Only so far: (whispered..) Iīm sure he is an ally of the unknown. He knows everything about our life on earth and observe every intrigue to keep it right. Did you see his eyes? Oh shit! I think he knows that we talk about him!! Please, fast, ask me something different!!

Andy Classen - who also worked with HOLY MOSES, DEW-SCENTED, and others - did the producing. Is there a particular reason why he was chosen for the job??

Spellbound bandDavid: Of course! Listen to the result! We were in searching for a producer who is able to put our expectation into form and that was not quite easy. Someday, I listened to the "Inwards" album of DEW-SCENTED and I was really enthusiasted because I knew that Andy Classen would be the only guy who will give "Incoming Destiny" this unbelievable power!

Lennart: Another reason was his name recognition of course. For a newcomer like us, itīs good to have an already well known name on the album for promotion. But of course the outputs of bands produced by him was our argument No.1!

Your music is compared to Thrash legends like EXODUS, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, ... were those really an (big) influence for SPELLBOUND or were there other bands as well?

David:Hmm.. I donīt know.. I think weīre not only influenced by the holy Thrash legends. There are also bands from other styles of metal which were important for the progression of SPELLBOUND's music but finally weīre very happy about the fact that we have made an album which contains 100% Thrash, like in the 80īs but 100% modern still! That should be even imitate!

Were there songs left out for "Incoming Destiny"? And will they feature on next album?

David: We had two songs left out for the album and I donīt think that these songs will be on our next release but the two outtakes still exist on demos and sometimes we even play them live.

Lennart: Hehe, i remember, in the studio we got to an discussion about one particular song, and in the last moment we decided to put another one on the album! We had an evening with heavy songwriting and polishing afterwards, and on the next day we recorded this other song!

Speaking of the next album, have you already started working out ideas of how it will be or what the theme will be?

David: Yes! We just started with the songwriting and the previous result is a kind of facelifting! Nothing will be betrayed but please.. prepare yourself for the next all crumbling metal invasion!! The lyrics goes a similar way but with more depth and emotions, that’s the concept! But at the moment the attention should be on our momentary release..

Will you be touring to promote the album? If so, which countries are already scheduled or would you like to visit?

David:We would like touring around the world but itīs not easy for a new band like us to get some tours. First we have to see and wait for the reactions of fans and media, but at the moment it looks pretty good! Of course we will promote our new album and it doesnīt matter how we make it but unfortunately concrete plans do not exist at the moment.

You're under contract with Armageddon. Were they the most interesting label in terms of promoting the band compared to other labels?

David:Yes! Armageddon immediately made the most seriously impression on me and I think that was the best decision for Spellbound. This label is able to push a hard working band and helping to get bigger. When youīre playing in a band and sign a record deal the most musicians think that now they become superstars and earn a lot of money but the reality looks quite different. You still have to work hard, maybe even harder as before. Armageddon is the part which supports our work, they believe in us and help us to reach our aims.

You played on the Bang For Children festival in 2003, together with well known bands such as DORO, AXXIS or MADOG. How was that as an experience?

David:We thought that itīs very cool at this time and we were very proud to share the stage with such bands! We had a long working time behind us to play this gig and actually this was the reason why we decided to carry on with SPELLBOUND.

In 2000, after the recordings of "Extensions", the band split up, because of private issues. Did you guys still see each other then or did each go his own way?

David: Len and me always stood in contact. Also to searching for new bands. I think Kai I did never seen for over 15 month! As I wanted to visit him to telling about my ideas he even didnīt living in his former apartment, ha,ha!

Lennart: Yeah, weīve been checking some bands, because we really wanted to make music, and Daniel found a new job in a band called INFERNAL RISING, together with Oli Grbavac who is now a member of the deathcombo FLESHCRAWL. However, Dave and me didnīt find appropriate musicians for our vision in mind, and today, iīm glad about that fact!

David, you then got back in touch with them. Were you convinced of a reunion? And do you think that - since the band is together again - this split-up was something that needed to happen?

Spellbound bandDavid:At the first time I only wanted to play coversongs and some of the first Spellbound tunes because I only wanted to jam with the guys and not to rope them into a new serious project. But the best thing was that THEY asked me if we should leave this fucking covertracks behind to write some new SPELLBOUND stuff! Hardly, the words were spoken I introduced them my newest creation which should be "Spiritual Decline" to a later time! And since that time we had a new, great , quite different fire. Also we had realize that the split was very important for us to leave many former problems behind us to get a new energy! And what should I say..the energy is still there and grows on and on!

Is SPELLBOUND your only band or do any of you also play elsewhere?

Lennart: No, none of us is playing somewhere else. We have jobs to do and a daily life, and SPELLBOUND is time consuming enough! I think the strength of the album is also a result of us being 100% focussed on SPELLBOUND and nothing else.

If you could work with someone (musician, band) for a future Spellbound album, who would it be? (Either for the production, touring or guest appearances)?

David:For a few times I had a really cool vision! I wanted to write a song with all the German cult Thrash heroes as vocal guests! Mille, Angelripper, Schmier, Sabina and Gerre! I wrote the song and contacted them all, and told about my idea. They were enthusiasted as they listened to my song and we went into Andysī Stage One Studio to record an all-time killer song!!! It was fantastic and such a killer hey! Unfortunately, it was only a dream.. But still a cool idea and maybe someday in the future??

Lennart: Wow, yeah, Iīd love to share the mic with these people! In terms of production, I donīt think thereīs any good reason for us to choose someone else than Andy Classen again. The working chemistry and everything else was just so great at the Stage-One-Studio, so I really expect us to record the next album with him again. Touring? EXODUS, TESTAMENT, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, SODOM, HOLY MOSES.. There are plenty! A nice thrash package would do the job.

What's your view on the metal scene today, and its evolution?

David: In the course of time it was not easy to be a Heavy Metal band but itīs really cool to observe how the scene got itīs second spring at that time. Metal is coming again with many new fantastic bands which will keep the future upright, and we hope that SPELLBOUND can be a part of them! Unfortunately, we live in the age of downloads and that doesnīt make things easier..

Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Good luck with this and future releases and the accompanying concerts. If you have anything you want to add, post away. ;-)

David: We also thank you for your nice questions and we hope youīll still listen to our album often enough, so that you recognize the variety of the drums. ;-)

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