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27/07/2007 – Interview with THE CURSED

THE CURSED (official website) is a new band, formed by ex-HADES guitarist Dan Lorenzo and OVERKILL vocalist Bobby Ellsworth (at least they are the basis). Last May they released a first album, "Room Full Of Sinners", which was so far from the Thrash they made in the past. It's more Sleazy Rock now. You can check out the review of the album at this location.

As a result of this release I sent a couple of questions to Dan to find out more about the founding of the band, the songs on the album, his solo career, and a couple of other things.

The Cursed logo

Both of you (Dan and Bobby) were and still are active in Thrash bands. The music of THE CURSED sounds totally different, less vicious, less speedy, more down to earth. First of all, what's the idea behing the bandname?

Bobby picked the bands I'll let him answer that. You have to sounds cool though, right? And I LOVE the logo.

The Cursed bandSecond, has it been a longtime dream to play something more Sleazy - but until now you couldn't execute that dream because you didn't have the time or the right people to assist you?

It is really difficult to 'plan out' a bands sound. Usually good music just 'happens'. I could tell you I want to write a great thrash song tonight, but if you force something it sounds forced. THE CURSED sound developed pretty naturally.

How have the reactions on THE CURSED and your debut been so far? I've read some reviews that weren't that positive. Do you then take certain criticism to heart and use it when writing new stuff or have you always made music your way, regardless of what is said in reviews or what fans say?

I know there were some bad reviews in Europe...I could care less. Some people only want to hear the same old thing. They get pissed when Metallica trys something different. I think if you listen to "Room Full of Sinners" three or four times and you don't love's because you're corny. I fucking despise most of the music in the top of the charts. I hate corny music. The people who didn't love our cd are stuck in the 80's.

THE CURSED seems to be a fun band, but how important is it to you? Are there plans to make a couple of albums or is everything more laid back, without any obligations to write an album every x year(s)?

It is EXTREMELY important to me...I have know idea what the future holds but Blitz and I said "Let's make a recording we can listen to for the next ten-twenty years."...we achieved that. If we sell enough cds I would love to do another one.

When were the songs written and who came with the basic ideas?

Over the last year and a half...I would mail Bobby some home recordings of me playing guitar/bass to a drum machine. He would then write lyrics and melodies. Then we would jam it with Mike and Job.

In Europe the album came out via Locomotive Records, in the US via Screaming Ferret Wreckords. How was this deal set up and which other labels did you talk to?

Tim Koukos from Screaming Ferret hooked up the Euro deal...we had talked to a few other labels, but felt Tim believed in us the most.

There's also some Dutch on the album, "Wij Leven Als God In Frankrijk". Did you and Bobby have to practice a lot to pronounce it right and do you speak Dutch or any other language besides English?

I still can't pronounce it correct! Ha Ha. I'm a dumb American! I can speak 50 German words, maybe twenty I can say "I don't understand" and "Where's the toilet" in French. Pathetic huh?

The Cursed - Room Full Of SinnersHow did the recording process go? Did you have days that you were stagnating? And isn't it better to have everything ready without having to tweak/change certain parts? Or can't you avoid such situations?

We were fully prepared before recording started. We just had to get Job out of jail!

Apparently - so says the press text - you didn't use ProTools for "Room Full Of Sinners", or did you? And why not?

You should ALWAYS believe EVERTHING you read in a press release!You know how I get my guitar sound? I find the closest amp the studio owns and I plug into it. I don't ask a lot of questions in the studio!

You've seen the rise of technology. How would you compare recording an album back then with what's available today?

Much easier today.

All the songs on "Room Full Of Sinners" are very short. Is this done deliberately, to get easier airplay? Or was it planned - without any radioshows in mind - to have a short running time per song?

I have a short attention span...I even think ZEPPELIN and SABBATH songs are too long even though I love them!

You've made three solo albums and I have to admit I didn't know that, so I can't discuss those songs. How > different is it, working on solo albums and working on band albums? Do you do it all by yourself or do you discuss what's (not) possible with the other people that will play on those albums (if indeed you've got assistance from other musicians)?

Most of the recordings on my 3 solo cds were me except for the drums. On "Cut From A Different Cloth" I had more friends play on it, although all 3 cds I had a few friends play on it.

The Cursed bandIs HADES history or do you plan to make another album sometime in the future?


Do or did you watch the "Idol" programme, where people who think they can sing - and some can sing - participate to obtain a label contract?

Never seen a minute of "American Idol".

What's your opinion about such programmes?


What dreams/wishes/plans do you still have for yourself, musically? E.g. a big tour, that one final album, ...? Or have you accomplished everything you wanted?

I always want to do one more album!

MySpace is very popular and once you get more and more friends, you also come accross more and more bands, especially new ones. It seems like MySpace is the new 'trend' in promotion, having more success than a regular website, no?

You are correct! We can't fight it. Have you seen

With websites like MySpace, it is said that bands are taking back the power to do the promotion themselves and whatever more, which sort of means that labels aren't necessary anymore. Or much less. But - and correct me if I'm wrong - aren't labels actually very necessary for budget reasons, promotion on a larger scale, releasing the album worldwide, etc...etc...? Sure, they overprice the CDs in many cases and the percentage of money that goes into the bands' pockets is not as high as what the labels get, but I don't see any band doing it all by themselves. What's your view and opinion on this matter?

Labels are very important...if they have money to record. The future of the music business looks bleak.

How politically active are you? In other words, how much do you care about politics?

Very much so...I vote often. I consider myself a moderate Republican...I think America is soft on crime.

Have you ever felt like you didn't want to make music anymore, that the spirit was gone?

Yes...after NON-FICTION broke up I started a new project #9 with Dan Nastasi from DOG EAT the middle of recording our album he got offered a solo deal. We had all these amazing songs...he recorded...less amazing songs for his solo cd. I sold all my equipment and didn't play guitar for 2 years.

And here it ends. Thanks for taking the time to reply, good luck on a possible follow-up and any gigs you have planned. If there's anything you'd like to add, be my guest.

Thanks! Check out go listen to "Room Full Of Sinners" again! Ha Ha

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