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11/05/2009 – Interview with THE END OF ALL REASON

The Belgian Technical Death Metallers THE END OF ALL REASON (official website) began as a Metalcore band, but slowly went (Technical Death Metal) for the obvious reason that it became somewhat boring for them and I can only give applause for this. Last year they released a very good and surprising EP titled "Fragmented". You can read my review at this location. The band is currently working on their debut full-length.

As this showed a young band with lots of potential, I wanted to know more about the how, why, what, when, etc... of it all. This interview was supposed to be done a few months ago, but due to powers beyond me there was a delay. THE END OF ALL REASON recently toured with the Italian Deathcore formation STIGMA, so that also influenced the waiting time. But finally all went well and earlier this month I could read what guitarist Tom Sergeant had replied.

The End Of All Reason logo

Let's start with a cliché question: How was TEOAR formed and did you know each before joining forces?

We formed in late 2004, it was just three of us back then and we knew each other from school. Later we had some line up changes, and after a while you reach a point where a talented guy, that you've never met before, suits your band better than your best friend. It's weird, but that's how it's works. We met our second guitar player and current drummer through internet, they offered to try out one day and now we're like family!

Did you acquire your skills through self-learning or did you take lessons or both?

All of us learned to play their instruments on their own. We're all passionate about playing music, it feels really natural. But we're still growing and there's so much more stuff to learn, so we keep practicing every day.

The End Of All Reason bandHow did you acquire your taste for Metal? What were the first bands and has your taste evolved into something wider?

It's a cliché but bands like METALLICA, PANTERA and SLAYER brought us into Metal. But you know, we all have our different backgrounds. Our bassplayer, for example, is a huge Hardcore fan, while the rest of us are absolutely not. So he grew up with BIOHAZARD and stuff. It's cool 'cause we all learn from each other. Once we got a bit older though, we went on to listening to some more musically challenging stuff. But we listen to all kinds of genres, really. From extreme metal to classical music, jazz/fusion, prog-rock, country...

Musically you went from Metalcore to Technical Death Metal/Deathcore. What caused this change?

We pretty much got bored of it. That's the honest truth, hehe. All the bands out there where playing the same riffs over and over, and it wasn't fun anymore. So we started doing our own thing. On the EP there is still a lot of 'old-TEOAR' influences noticable though.

For the "Fragmented" EP you signed with I For Us Records. What kind of label is this and what made you decide to sign with them?

IFORUS is a young label based in Brussels. It's initially a Hardcore label, but since Metal is on the rise a bit more they decided to pick up a Metal-act in their roster. And they decided to choose us. We're really happy with the way things worked out with them so far. Mich, the label president is a really open-minded guy and he lets us do our own thing. It's all cool, we can't complain!

For how many releases does the contract count?

We signed for only one release. We're working on a full length album, so right now we kinda have to see how we're gonna do this. I think we'll be having a talk really soon to see what's up!

You went on tour with the Italian Deathcore band STIGMA. How was this setup arranged and did you have extensive contacts with the band before agreeing to go on a trip together?

It was basically Genet records who were in control of this tour. And we pretty much proposed ourselves to come along. It was a rather short tour, but it was fun. We had lots of great response so we're really happy with the way that turned out. STIGMA are very cool guys as well.

The EP songs are well arranged and technical, which is easier done in a studio than on stage. Do you play them like on the CD or did you re-arrange them a little so they fit better in a live context?

What you hear is what you'll get live. Apart from certain details maybe, like some samples, but we try to stay as close as possible to the original. Some bands sound better live when they experiment more on stage, but it doesn't really work for us. That doesn't mean we don't have some surprises live though!

Sven Janssens from ABORTED helped with the recordings, while the mixing and mastering happened in Poland. First, how was it, working with Sven? Did he give valuable advice, did he take your wishes into account? And second, why Poland? Or was this the idea of the label?

Working with Sven was great, he helped us out with most of the loose ends. I like to call him our band-mentor, hehe. As far as doing what we asked him goes, we are more than happy with the way things went. The EP sounds exactly how we wanted it to sound. We contacted him to be our engineer for the full length album as well, so we're very excited to record it! Hertz studios was an obvious choice for us, I mean, we like every record they did, and we didn't want to hold back on the mix- and mastering part. So we went for it and the result is great! It sounds so powerful yet very natural, we love the final result!

Fragmented coverHow does the artwork of "Fragmented" connect with the songs?

Three of the five tracks on "Fragmented" are part of one storyline. It's about mankind creating a breed of half-man-half-machines that eventually take over the world and then, after hundreds of years, man returns to try and defeat the machines. The cover is basically a scene from the song "Aeons In The Void", you see one of the machines observing how planet Earth eventually destroys itself.

You're already working on the debut album. As I liked the EP, you can count on it I'm curious how the full album will sound. What can you tell about it? (storyline, music, release date, ... anything)

The new album will be on a whole other level. Our music matured a lot and after the recordings last year, we already had some new songs ready. Right now we are finishing preproduction-mode. We have about 60 minutes of music ready and it's definitely the best material we've ever written. There's no release date yet but we're taking our time for this, it should be the most complete album we can make. As for the music itself, you can expect about anything. It will be a modern Death Metal album but not in any traditional sense. There will be a lot of information in the songs so it'll need more than one spin to figure it all out. And at the same time we tried to keep it catchy and fresh to let the listener maintain interest during the whole album...

Since several weeks (or months?) you're without a drummer. What happened? And how are the auditions going? Plus, if no one is found, who will help you out for the tour or other gigs?

Right now we have Hadrien Piercon doing our live shows, he's still very young, but has a lot of talent. He's a very different kind of drummer than our old one, he experiments more with the songs, and his focus isn't so much on pounding the crap out of the drums, he adds a lot of details to the songs. Of course it's never easy to change the line-up every year like we were forced to do. Every time we are playing together perfectly something goes wrong and it ends up with someone leaving the band. Our last drummer quit because of a lack of interest in our style. He decided to go for his other bands. Let's hope that won't be the case anymore in the future.

How much time does TEOAR require from you all? Can you easily combine it with work or school or anything else that keeps you occupied?

It requires a lot of time, that's for sure. It's usually me or Vincent, our vocalist, who take most of the responsibilities. TEOAR is a daily occupation. Some of us are still in high school so for them it's twice as hard, escpecially planning tours, but we try to manage it.

Do you take day by day or are there certain things planned for the future?

Right now we're focussing on our album, the writing process has been very time consuming. And in the mean time we tried to play as much shows as possible in between to keep ourselves in the spotlight a bit. So we didn't really have the time to think about a lot of other stuff. The main goal now is to get that full length ready!

What are the responses from family, friends, colleagues regarding TEOAR?

The response has been more than great! We get a lot of support from our families, it's really cool to know they our behind us on this!

That's it from me, for now. Many thanks for taking the time to reply and all the best with the tour, the upcoming album and whatever else that comes onto your path.

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