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10/03/2011 – Interview with THE NEW BLACK

The German Heavy/Hard Rock band THE NEW BLACK recently released its second album, "II - Better In Black", two years after their self-titled debut. You can check out the review of this newest release at this location. This was my first proper acquaintance with their music, as I skipped the first album. I was all in all positive about the second album, although it's perhaps better to see the band perform the songs live to get a better impression. In any case, it would be interesting to find out more about THE NEW BLACK and their music, so I sent some questions through and vocalist Fludid took the time to answer them as good as possible.

The New Black logo

Your second album, "II: Better In Black", has been out since several weeks. Looking back at your debut album, how well did it do? What has been its impact on the band's career so far, as young as it may be?

Fludid: After releasing the first album, great things happened to the band shortly after. Especially the shows we played, where we supported notable Rockbands, helped us to take place in the business and to gather a true TNB fanbase. I think the booking in the beginning was determining, even though the impact is yet to come...

You've already shared the stage with big names like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and VOLBEAT. Many starting bands have to wait several years to get such a chance. You all have of course acquired experience in other bands, but as you formed a new band, you too have to work to get the name out. Is it because of your backgrounds, your other bands that this occured so rapidly?

Fludid: As I said, our booking agent did an amazing job. That really helped us getting the name out. Of course, our album couldn't be that bad, looking at the response on Myspace and Facebook. Our management has great contacts throughout the Metal and Rock music business, and so does the promotion agency, who pushes TNB by placing the band in a lot of mags. I was sitting in a café the other day, flipping through a magazine called "Bikers News", a magazine that mainly includes bearded guys on custom bikes and a lot of bleech blonde monster tits and found a review of "II: Better In Black", which was quite good by the way. Can't wait till that experience happens with a teenie magazine, right between reviews of JUSTIN BIEBER and LADY GAGA!

Helstar bandSpeaking of your new album, "II: Better In Black", a few questions:
a) Several styles were applied: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Country influences, ... Is this a better way to make an album more attractive and diverse, by applying different influences instead of hanging on to one style all the way?

Fludid: I feel it as one style. That's how songs happen in the band. And I really appreciate how it works. Even if people think they found a concept in songwriting, I always have to note, that we just can't do it in another way.

b) In terms of lyrics, where did you draw inspiration from? Or, what are the songs about?

Fludid: The lyrics I wrote are different, compared to the lyrics Leimsen did. I like to develop a character, who's telling his story, mixed with personal stuff I experienced, so there are no parallels to my person. But in exceptional cases, some deeper thoughts come to life, I guess.

c) Like before, there's the skull and flames. Your "mascot"? (like IRON MAIDEN's Eddie, DIO, KATAKLYSM, ...)

Fludid: We dig the recognition value. We were discussing about the artwork for the second album, and figured out, that we're completely satisfied with style and design of No1. So everything we did, was changing the surface from metal to wood. And if you stare at the cover for about three hours, you can also hear some wood in the songs. ;-) The intention was not to bring a mascot to life... but hey, thinking of that, makes me like the idea of having dancing skeletons on stage.

The New Black - II: Back In Black coverd) There's a bonus track called "Soon". How does it compare to the other tracks, stylewise and lyrically?

Fludid: We found "Soon" a great song, wich has a uncommon mood compared to other TNB songs. We thought we should make a bonus track a little more special by presenting a new taste. Lyrically its about temptation and resist.

e) The production was in your hands. For budget reasons or because you prefer to control that aspect yourselves?

Fludid: Actually both. But the main reason was to work on that record as comfortable as possible. I got the demos long before the vocals had been recorded, so I had the time to find the right melodies and phrases. During the recordings, Fabs and I had a great time, just like you meet some friends to watch a DVD.

f) Something that stood out throughout the album: the vocals. Those are very well done. Was the album written to put them in the spotlight or is this only a coincidence?

Fludid: Thanks, man. After No1 we spend a lot of time on the road together and when I joined the band, the demos were already captured. Now everyone knows what's possible. And I think the band knows, that I'm not really into that whole Metal thing. I guess it's the mix between the Metal riffs, the Hard Rock attitude and the Blues Rock, wich has always been my passion.

You're still signed to AFM Records. What made them the better label for the band?

Fludid: A band can only work, when there are people supporting you behind the scenes. AFM does that. And we always had the feeling, that they believe in us and in our music. So what else do we need?

Returning to the time when you weren't signed yet. At what point did you find the time right to sign?

Fludid: Oh man, we never ever followed any kind of time schedule. Thats why things happened pretty fast, I guess. When I look back, I got in and shortly after that we signed with AFM.

How the planning of gigs going so far? And is it easy to combine with your jobs and family life?

Fludid: No, it's not. Playing shows and touring need to be organized precisely. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have to decide quickly to quit our jobs and make music for a living. ;-)

The New Black bandAs Fabian is the mastermind of the band, so to speak, can the others also come up with a basis for new songs? Or does Fabian have a final saying in this?

Fludid: When Fabian writes the stuff, he records it and sends us the results. We're glad he is a creative and outstanding musician, so there has never been the thought of changing anything on this "running system".

A video was shot for "The King I Was", What was the concept behind it? And what was it like, the shooting and all?

Fludid: First of all, it had to be produced without any costs. Fortunately making videos is my dayjob. So we shot the whole clip in front of the greenscreen in my studio. We shot the sequences on the day we supported ALTER BRIDGE in Frankfurt, that's about 100 km away from Würzburg, so we took the chance to get every musician shot in one day. That was the best chance, because generally, we don't rehearse.

Since your music is very accessible, have radio stations picked up the trail of THE NEW BLACK to add it to the playlists?

Fludid: Yeah, that's cool. Of course "The King I Was" isn't a typical airplay number. But a lot of Rock radios play it. We also count on a lot of webradio stations, because in Germany nothing is really accessible if you're not Shakira.

As THE NEW BLACK is not your main band (correct me if I'm wrong ;-)), how often do you practise as a band?

Fludid: With every new record, once. No joke. :-)

When not making music and aside from your dayjobs, is there time left for you-time, i.e. hobbies or certain interests you have?

Fludid: Sure... we're spread over whole Germany, there is time for such things, in case this spare time activities are not happening on weekends.

That's it from me. Any final words are yours to add. In the meantime, have a great time on stage, good luck with this new album and take care.

Fludid: Thanks a lot. Hope to see you guys on a festival or maybe after the show. We'll have beer!!! :-)

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