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04/04/2008 – Interview with TÝR

This interview is in a way overdue (with a good 2 months), as it was done on the 4th April, when the Paganfest tour stopped in Belgium (festival report). Due to various circumstances this Q&A was postponed a few times, but now (June) I finally found the time and energy to typ it all out. I had interviewed TÝR before, back in November 2006, which was a great experience. On the day of Paganfest I first wanted to wait for ELUVEITIE to start their set and let me collect some footage before going upstairs and meet the Faroese Metallers for the second time. Like last time I was a bit nervous - dunno why, as I've done many more interviews over the phone and face to face (although in a lesser quantity). At the same time it was a pleasant re-encounter.

I asked Heri and co. questions about the new album, "Land" (see review), the Paganfest tour and a couple of other things. Although the guys were tired, we did have a few laughs, but in a way it was a bit hard to draw the answers out of them. Anyhow, like I said, it was fun and I hope the next time will be even more fluent.

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When I asked Heri about the Progressiveness of the new material, he answered that I "must have misunderstood that" last time. "What I meant to say was that "Ragnarok" was our most Progressive album. For some time, at least. The next album, "Land", is not so Progressive", he added. Well, I did notice Progressive moments, but I have to agree that it's less than before, as you can read in the review. Guitarist Terji finds the new songs "more floating", but insisted that "it depends on what you're used to.".

The band and I did disagree regarding the speed of the songs. I found that "Land" contains no real fast songs, while our warriors clearly thought otherwise. I guess I could say it with Terji's words: it depends what you consider to be fast.

Is there a connection between the new album and the previous ones?

Heri: There's a lyrical connection between "Land" and "How Far To Asgaard". It's about the same thing. With the other albums, not really.

Land coverJan Yrlund worked on the cover art of the previous two albums and I wondered if he was asked to work on the new album's one as well.

Heri: No, it's done by ... from... I don't remember the name of the company. (Note by Tim: Ingo Römling from

Was it Napalm's choice?

Heri: It was.

"Hail To The Hammer" makes a second appearance, since it was a bonus track on the re-release of "Eric The Red". However, this time you re-recorded you classic hit. Why?

Heri: It comes off the first album, "How Far To Asgaard", and on "Eric The Red" the demo version from 2000 was added. This was not the best version. Now we wanted a proper version, so we re-recorded it. It's also a song we have played a lot and that also played a role.


Sound is important to keep the familiar feeling alive and so TÝR worked with Jacob Hansen again for the mixing and mastering, because the band produces the songs themselves. Because of this third time, you get to know each other better and things might become a routine. I asked about that and if there was a difference with the previous times. Terji commented that they "worked as usual. We recorded the songs and he worked on them." "There was no extra input from him?" I asked. "No, all songs were produced by us. There was no extra work.", Terji added.

To give a view on the happenings, the band uploaded a few videos about there experiences. But they weren't videos of the recordings, more like the fun they had and what they did when not recording or mixing. This way of recording video footage allowed to focus on the region, the natural area of where the Jailhouse Studios are located. Being in a such a peaceful environment can be very relaxing and perhaps bring ideas to mind for future material. Heri commented on my loud thoughts. "It's a very peaceful place, but this also depends on the discipline you must bring with you. But the peacefulness is important. It's also far away (from civilization). About 4 hours or so and in the middle of Denmark."


"Land" is your third album via Napalm Records. How long are you still under contract and how satisfied are you so far?

Tyr bandTerji: We're very satisfied, as they promote us a lot. There are still two albums left.

Any release dates already or do you take it day by day?

Heri (intelligently ;-)): We have to make the new album first and then see...

It's not like you set yourself a deadline for the album to be ready?

Heri: I would like to take/think at least two years before the release. It can be hard to make it in that time, but maximum two years, roughly taken.

The re-release of "Eric The Red" and your last album, "Ragnarok", each had a few bonus tracks. Since the re-recording of "Hail To The Hammer" is part of the normal tracklist, I am curious to know if there will be extras on "Land".

Gunnar: There's a video recording from Wacken. It will be on the digipack.

Just one video or the entire performance?

Gunnar: You know just as much as me. We just got the news that a video would be added

Concentrating on Paganfest now. How did you get involved? Did the organisation contact you or did it happen via Napalm Records or ...?

Heri: We have a booker (L!sten Up Artist Management), connected to Napalm, who got us on this tour. I don't know who does what and Napalm is probably also involved in this. I don't know who contacted who, I just know we're here now. As soon as you know KORPIKLAANI, MOONSORROW and the others will be there, you don't hesistate. :-)

Since you've been on the road again, have you noticed any specific differences between the crowds? Amon?

Amon: Ooh.. I don't know, can't really tell.

Heri (quickly intervening): We have played only two countries so far. For example, in Poland they are more enthusiastic than in Germany and maybe further east. I think that's because there are only a few bands that play there. In Germany you can hear they have lots of Metal to choose from and are therefore hard to impress. Then again, they do show up on time and they don't do that further east. That's one of the biggest differences.

The Paganfest tour consists of two legs: a European one and an American/Canadian one. How popular are you in the States and Canada?

Terji (the 'expert', according to Heri): Only through MySpace. Else I don't know. Girls especially. :-).

And then you refer them to your personal page? ;-)

Terji (big smile): Of course. :-)

Amon is temporarily your drummer, since Kári couldn't be on this tour. What happened?

Heri: Kári has back problems.

I read that Amon is one of Ká's pupils...

Terji: ...and his cousin.

But were there other candidates, too?

Heri: First we called Lars (Ulrich, METALLICA), but he was occupied. (Note by Tim: Obviously this was a hilarious moment. :-))

On your website there was a message that Merlin from ELUVEITIE would help out for the dates in the States.

Heri: That's not so sure anymore, we have some problems and it's not decided yet.

Tyr bandHave you already practised a bit with him?

Heri: I gave him the notes and we will practise a little bit during this tour.

Besides Paganfest, will you go on tour with other bands like you did with WINTERSUN and AMON AMARTH? In other words, will there be a normal tour, in support of "Land"?

Terji: Not that we know yet. Because afer this tour, we'll play on other festivals and then there's a headliner tour in October, but no tour like this.

Going back to the new album, "Land", I noticed a few similarities with other bands' songs and one of them was KAMELOT's "Forever" song. "Valkyrjan"'s beginning melody certainly sounds very similar, almost identical.

Heri: You're joking! It comes from Edward Grieg's works. I took his notes and covered it into a Metal ballad. In a couple of years, when they hear KAMELOT, people will think "Hm.. TÝR." :-)

Well, that's it for me. I want to thank you for the interview, for your time, especially since you've had a busy day and week. You're tired like hell, one interview to go and you wanna go to bed/...

Heri and Terji: Hahaha, that's not true. (about the bedtime).

When you come back in October, I hope to see you guys again for another chat. ;-) (Note by Tim: if I can make it)

Heri, Terji and Gunnar: Ok. ;-)

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