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10/12/2005 – PRIMAL FEAR/HELLOWEEN (Borgerhout, Belgium)

PRIMAL FEAR and HELLOWEEN, both bands having released a new record recently, respectively "Seven Seals" and "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy". And it's just now that I notice it: both titles contain the word 'seven'. Anyhow, originally I hadn't even planned on going, but somehow I go convinced. One week or so before the gig, the Biebob site announced that the concert was sold out.

So, off we go. Upon arrival (19h33), we - Kobe Mangelschots, Bianca Bianca van Barneveld (from and me - don't see many people waiting in line to get in. With SHAKRA/HAMMERFALL/STRATOVARIUS, we were standing outside around that time. There's a guy (from the club, I guess) who says that the gig has been cancelled. We all set great eyes, but he continues explaining. It seems that HELLOWEEN singer Andi Deris has a laryngitis/sore throat, but PRIMAL FEAR will do a full show for the small price of 5 (= five!) EUR. The tickets could not be used, but remain valid for the 14th February when HELLOWEEN returns. Who the support act will be, isn't known at this point.

Everybody happy ofcourse, except that many people returned home or someplace else when they heared that HELLOWEEN wouldn't perform tonight. I also think that they didn't know that PRIMAL FEAR would do a full show then ánd for a small price. So in my opinion, they were wrong not to stay.

Inside there was plenty more room to move and easily lay your hands on some merchandise or get some drinks. Once inside the room, you saw there was still a lot of space unfilled. After half an hour, a man from the organisation comes on stage and explains the situation to us, the crowd. It seems that if Andi would have gone on with the performance, he would have had to cancel the tour for a week (or more?). And so PRIMAL FEAR would begin their 90-minute set at 21h00.

And then it began: first a bombastic intro with Eastern melodies. A very nice one and I wonder from what album it is or where they got it from. Ofcourse you have to start with a new track if you're promoting a new album and logically "Demons And Angels" was blasted into our faces. The tone is set. Very good sound, very powerful, very Metal. Continuing right away with "Rollercoaster", another great song from "Seven Seals", the audience was having a ball.

Next to the new material, the previous works were not forgotten either. The first stop back in time was with the uptempo "Nuclear Fire" from the same-titled album - and one of their best - which came pounding out of the speakers with as much fury as "Demons And Angels". PRIMAL FEAR may be good to very good on the albums, live they are even better! Truly, in my opinion, an underestimated band who deserve a lot more recognition.

Going back further in time, "Under Your Spell" from 1999's "Jaws Of Death" album, took it a bit slower, but was still massive. Again, the band pushed the pedal down a bit more for "Chainbreaker", coming off their debut "Primal Fear".

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Time for some new material again and here too, pretty obvious that "Seven Seals" (the song) would also be presented in a live package. Combining old and new material, up- and midtempo very well, PRIMAL FEAR didn't have much time to practise the songs - at least, the extra ones - since it was only known late in the afternoon that they would be the only band performing.

More material from "Nuclear Fire" followed, with the first and uptempo track "Angel In Black". Ralf's screams are live also very good, although on the albums they are fuller. But he stands his ground live, very much even.

It was a very very pleasant evening, for the fans AND the band as they were very happy to see so much cheering people. And then there was the usual screaming competition: Norwegians saying they were louder than the Belgians, the Dutch saying the same and PRIMAL FEAR (or at least Matt Sinner) wouldn't believe that and of course, we proved ourselves more than worthy and topped the Norwegians and Dutch, hehehe. ;-)

Between "Diabolus" and "Final Embrace", there was another kind of intro with lightning and thunder sounds after which the latter song 'embraced' us. Uptempo and rocking the place like the other songs.

Ralf Scheepers was very pleased to see so many had stayed, gave a short speech "and this is why Metal is forever". Yeeehaaa!! More headbanging fun. :-)

Because PRIMAL FEAR had the stage and evening all for themselves, they had to play longer and added some songs they hadn't played before (as was also the case with "Running In The Dust", according to Ralf). The first of those extra songs is the magnificent uptempo track of their latest masterpiece "Seven Seals": "Evil Spell". I just had to express my happiness with a big cheer, since this is one of my favourite PRIMAL FEAR songs. :-) The intro by the guitars sounded a bit false at first and Tom Naumann let his guitar get tuned very rapidly (matter of seconds) and then all hell broke loose! My heart pounded like never before - well, it wasn't the first time, but you get the idea ;-) - and this made my evening complete. I could almost cry tears of joy. For a drummer this is a hard song, but Randy Black did a awesome job. He was flawless the entire show. Despite him not being one of my favourite drummers - maybe I should add him to the list as well ;-) - he sure can handle more than two drumsticks. Jawdropping performance.

PRIMAL FEAR closed their (longer) set with the second song of "Devil's Ground": "Suicide And Mania". Also one of the best of that album.

Final words then.. Five EUR for a full set is not only a give-away, but PRIMAL FEAR really ruled and I don't think HELLOWEEN would have changed my opinion, even though I'm not really familiar with their music, except for the first two "Keeper" albums. So a HUUUUGE thank you to PRIMAL FEAR and the organisation, but mainly PRIMAL FEAR for a more than superb concert. Seeing these guys live improved my opinion about them and their music, although it was already very good. Excellent musicianship (vocals, guitars, bass and drums) and except for those little flaws (guitar tuning), this was one of the best gigs I've seen. Now, let's hope a live-album will be recorded and released after this tour. :-)

Playlist: Intro - Demons And Angels - Rollercoaster - Nuclear Fire - Under Your Spell - Chainbreaker - Seven Seals - Angel In Black - All For One - Running In The Dust - Diabolus - (intro) - Final Embrace - (Presentation of the band) - Metal Is Forever - Evil Spell (bonus) - Battalions Of Hate (bonus) - Suicide and Mania (bonus)

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More pictures are available at this location.

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05/11/2005 – SHAKRA/HAMMERFALL/STRATOVARIUS (Borgerhout, Belgium)

HAMMERFALL and STRATOVARIUS, a double headlining bill. Two of the greatest bands in the Powermetal genre... though STRATOVARIUS seems to have strayed away a bit with their latest self-titled release, which I didn't find that good. Certainly not compared to their previous works "Destiny" and "Infinite". HAMMERFALL also released a lesser good album this year, but still better than that of STRATOVARIUS.

It was long unknown who would be the support act and then the name of Swiss Hardrockers SHAKRA popped up. Hurray!! :-) Their latest album "Fall" is truly a great rocking album with tight playing, able to put a smile on your face or touch you in the heart. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but it's really good and a more than worthy successor to the previous "Rsising", which is also worth having in you collection.

The gig at Hof Ter Lo in Borgerhout was sold out many weeks before D-Day. And this was more than clear at the entrance and inside, where you could hardly get a good look at the merchandise stand, or get some drinks at the bar. Inside the room, blackness covered the floor as many Metalheads were already determined to get a good place to cheer and sing along. Luckily I found a fairly good spot at the left, where the photographers were gathered. One thing that really REALLY stood in the way - and not only for the pictures - was a pole/pillar to hold the lights. Very annoying and it somehow prevented from enjoying the show even more and having a good view on the bands. The sound was very good, though. ;-)

First band, SHAKRA, started a little later (19:45) than planned (19:30), but I didn't mind, because it was awesome. Starting with "Chains Of Addiction", the first track of their latest album "Fall". Like I said, the sound was very good and here too, the performance was flawless. Mark's vocals were amazing, like on the album and he sure wasn't at the end of his abilities. SHAKRA played a mix of old and new, with mainly - for as far as I remember - songs from "Rising" and "Fall". Since there were no setlists available, unless they were stuck on the stage speakers, I can't remember every song that was played, but they played a nice 30-40 minutes. Thomas Muster is one hell of a guitar player and sure lets himself go on stage, headbanging whenever possible... unlike Thom Blunier, who seems to pay more attention to his guitar play and isn't that 'wild'. ;-) Roger Tanner hit his drums with such ease and they still sounded loud and clear. It's like he never 'hit' them, more like gently touched them.

Playlist (random order): Chains Of Addiction - She's My Ecstacy - Take Me Now - Rising High - Now Or Never - Why Don't You Call Me - Too Good For Me (?) - All Or Nothing (?) - ...

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

And then, at about 20:30, headliner nr. 1: HAMMERFALL! Some tens of seconds before their show commenced, cold air was being blown inside the room, like someone opened a door or window. then the band appeared, their stage set in the same atmosphere as "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", with the stage speakers covered to look like ice blocks.

Since the band last release was "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken", the show was started with "Secrets". When the introducing guitar jingle sounded, the entire room was filled with cheers. And then it began. "Secrets" is one of the better tracks on the album and live it's even better. HAMMERFALL played songs from their entire discography, but focussing on "Chapter V", "Crimson Thunder" and "Renegade". They played for more than 1.5 hours and since I don't own "Renegade" or "Crimson Thunder", the playlist will be incomplete as well. But I plan to get those album asap.

For those who haven't seen HAMMERFALL live, I really recommend it, since they kick-ass.

Anders Johansson also gave us a drumsolo, which was pretty good. But to be honest - and I don't doubt he can play the drums - in certain songs, it tends to sound.. 'messy', with double-basses not being played, or only half and other things that makes the songs a little less fluent. For that, I think, Patrik Räfling (the previous drummer) fitted the band more.

So, HAMMERFALL played a great set and the crowd was exstatic, cheering "Hammerfall, Hammerfall, Hammerfall, ..." multiple times, for which Joacim Cans (and the others) were very grateful. In between the songs, Joacim also held some 'cheering lessons' and divided the crowd, enouraging each group to do better than the other and even be as loud as hell. This mainly because of a story he told that in Sweden, they have the loudest audiences, but was surprised to hear that Germany (Cologne) was even louder. Said Joacim: "No bad for being Germans, ey? ;-)". So we had to do better, and in the end we were of course. *cough* ;-)

Furthermore, a little speech about Heavy Metal being dead or not - the massive presence of Metalheads proved it being very much alive - formed the intro for "Heeding The Call", one of the best songs HAMMERFALL has made. Also dedicated to Metal was the great song "Hammerfall" as well as the newer "Bloodbound". Strangely enough, or not, but the "Chapter V" songs sounded much better, much more powerful than on the album. When you listen to them on the album, you think they're good. And then you experience them in a live environment and it goes more towards 'wow!'.

Even if HAMMERFALL are a commercial Metalband (the band's own words), they sure keep it real. And that can only be commended.

Playlist (random order): Secrets - Hearts On Fire - Fury Of The Wild - Hammerfall - Let The Hammer Fall - Heeding The Call - Bloodbound - Riders Of The Storm - drumsolo - Templars Of Steel - ...

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

STRATOVARIUS, headliner 2, ended the show, but the preparations took a little too long for me to stay and see the band perform, since I had a train to catch. I did see a portion of the sound check, which took place behind a see-through black curtain with the STRATOVARIUS logo on it, which you can also see on the band's latest album, released last September.

Jörg Michael has changed to a more 'simple' drumkit, which you could see in the "Maniac Dance" video and this really disappointed me, next to the fact that there were no speedy double-bass songs on "Stratovarius", which are/were also typical of STRATOVARIUS. So I was hoping he (Jörg) would bring his bigger kit on tour, but noooo...

According to fellow Metalheads, Kobe Mangelschots and Bianca van Barneveld (from, STRATOVARIUS' performance was acceptable, but nothing more - other reports may claim the opposite. The audience too were less in number and less enthusiastic than with HAMMERFALL, who really ruled in my opinion. STRATOVARIUS also seemed to have some sound problems in the beginning, during which the lower tones suppressed the higher ones. The setlist wasn't that good either, at least the order of the songs. For instance, of the three extra songs the first was a calm one. Personally, such should be played during the normal course of the show, not as a bonus.

There was a positive moment though, which was the bass solo. Lauri Porra knows his instrument very well and showed it in a most appropriate way. So this makes him a welcome addition and replacement for Jari Kainulainen.

To make it short: HAMMERFALL reigned, SHAKRA was a good starter and STRATOVARIUS could have been (much?) better.

Playlist (random order): Hunting High And Low, Black Diamond, Destiny, Maniac Dance, Father Time, ...

More pictures are available at this location.

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16/09/2005 – THE WOUNDED/SYLVER MYST (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

As you all know - or better said, it is a fact that - The Netherlands have a lot of Gothic bands: EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, WITHIN TEMPTATION, NEMESEA, AUTUMN, ... to name the best known. But here and there you come across bands that, despite the talent, don't get the attention they deserve. One of them is SYLVER MYST.

Though they only exist for 4 years now, they take it step by step, as the tracklisting grows with each release. ;-) "The Bleeding Snowlands" (2001) was the first demo containing 2 songs, "Strains Of Souls" (2003) added one song to that and now they have their first MCD "Depths Of Illusions", for which a presentation was organised at Tivoli (De Helling) in Utrecht. Taking into account that the band is from Someren, the distance to the venue was pretty long, but they chose that location because of its good accoustics and the connections because of the Summer Darkness festival.

For this event, 2 acts were scheduled as support: IMPERIA and ANGEL (consisting of twice the same members), but because Helena (vocalist) had a serious accident, SYLVER MYST had to look for another band. ORPHANAGE could have been that band, but they had other obligations, so at the very last moment THE WOUNDED were added.

Doors opened at 19h30 and the first performance was scheduled at 20h15. SYLVER MYST was to play at 22h. The bus arrived a little late at the venue, but we were more than on time for the bands.

O yes, a little flashback as to how I got there, since I live closer to France and probably would not have gone so far if it wasn't for a competition SYLVER MYST organised. The band was invited for the programme The Rock Company ( on local Radio Siris, this because of their new MCD. One person could win tickets (and more) for the CD presentation, but for that one (easy) question had to be answered. It was a matter of being quick and having the right tools with you (internet ;-)).

Back to the CD presentation. THE WOUNDED ( play some sort of Gothic-Wave. I'd call it psychedelic Gothic/Doom. According to their site their influences are: ANATHEMA, MARILLION, THE CURE, PLACEBO, and more. The songs they played weren't exactly cheerful or uplifting. Personally I don't find this music to actively listen to and maybe not even passively. You really have to be in the right (depressing) mood for it. One band I do can add to their influences is PARADISE LOST. Especially their album "Draconian Times", as a couple of THE WOUNDED's last songs had a lot of similarities with that album.

The band has already released three albums so far, starting in 2000 and are working on their fourth. There's more info on their website, so if you want to discover something new, pay them a visit.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

And then, the band whose evening it was, who planned all this: SYLVER MYST. First this: because the place wasn't packed - there were still a lot of people - it was very easy to get close to the stage and take good pictures. The crowd were extatic when the band got on stage. Their studio releases do not represent their live performance, which means that live they are kick-ass. Everything sounds much better. The CDs aren't bad, the songs themselves are very good, but production-wise it could be better. But I'm convinced of their talent and they simply must break through like EPICA, AFTER FOREVER, ...

SYLVER MYST played songs from all three CDs and even bis'd 2 new songs. Uptempo, melody, guitar solos, midtempo, high vocals, grunts, it all was there. Singer Marjolein was extremely happy and thankful for so many people having showed up. Her eyes litteraly glittered/sparkled/whatever... :-) This is definitely a band to look out for. Live they're great, now they just need to bring this live experience onto a studio album.

This CD presentation was also recorded, so there will be a DVD-version available. When is still undecided, but it probably won't be that long.

SYLVER MYST setlist:

(intro) Seduction
Waiting For A New Day
Depths Of Illusions
Strains Of Souls
(intro) Flightless Dove
The Bleeding Snowlands
Escape From Reality
As Heaven Blessed A Dying Rose
(bis) Desire
(bis) Depths Of Illusions

Winning a competition is nice, having a day and night like on the 16th/17th is more than great. I got more than I expected. :-) The bandmembers, manager, friends, .. are very nice people. Humour was all around, the atmosphere was great. Therefore, a big thank you to everyone, but especially Jean, Marc, Patricia and Geertje. If every CD presentation is like that, count me in, hahaha. Anyhow, SYLVER MYST is another band on my list of favourites. Yes, Marc, you've got another fan. ;-)

You can check out SYLVER MYST on their website:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

More pictures are available at this location.

Reviews of "Strains Of Souls" and "Depths Of Illusions" will follow soon.

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02/04/2005 – KOTIPELTO/EPICA/KAMELOT (Vorst, Belgium)

KAMELOT coming to Belgium means you get a great performance and a lot of fans, resulting in a sold-out concert. And since they evolve with every release, the concert promised to live up to its expectations. With their latest release, "The Black Halo", the band has again amazed the world of Metal. For this tour, they got support from KOTIPELTO and the Dutch Gothic Metalband EPICA.

* The doors opened at 18h00, so I made sure I got there in time. The first performance didn't start until 19h10. KOTIPELTO had the honour to kick-off the evening. Timo showed he's a stage man, getting the audience involved, with a lot of cheers as reply. Not only is he a good studio singer, but live as well he's amazing and can really reach the tones like on the albums. When you see him on stage with his band, it's quite obvious whose band it is.

I only heard the 2 albums very short, but they were not so much of my liking. Live though, it sounds so much better. Power, speed, slower songs, ... you name it and you got it. With Robert Engstrand behind the keyboards, Timo Kotipelto chose a very good musician. And let him play a little keyboardsolo. At a certain moment during the gig, Timo almost hit Lauri Porra (bass) in the face. After the song, Timo said "Next time I might do it for real. ;-)" and as compensation he let Lauri show his talent on the bass guitar.

KOTIPELTO also played two STRATOVARIUS songs, which were very well played, even though there's still a difference with the original songs. ;-) But with these 2 songs, it's still clear that Timo Kotipelto is an important part of the re-united STRATOVARIUS. Even with his solo-project, he expresses STRATOVARIUS, he 'IS' STRATOVARIUS

Playlist (no particular order), as far as I remember: "Reasons" - "Take Me Away" - "Lord Of Eternity" - "Waiting For The Dawn" - "Coldness Of My Mind" (?) - "Knowledge And Wisdom" - "Hunting High And Low" (STRATOVARIUS) - "Forever" (STRATOVARIUS)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

* About an hour later (20h10), EPICA was on. Though I've only seen them on an accoustic session at a metalstore here in Belgium (Kortrijk to be precise), promoting their DVD "We Will Take You With Us / 2 Meter Sessies" (October 2004), this was the real and heavy version of EPICA. And honestly, it was just awesome, wonderful, ...

Simone has improved a lot since the debut album "The Phantom Agony", gaining stage experience and more. Her voice has also expanded in range. Yesterday you couldn't notice her having been sick when they toured in Mexico some time ago. She was so ill then, the band had to look for a local singer to replace Simone.

Anyhow, the gig then: as I said, it was great, a lust for the ear. Fast songs, slower and 2 new songs from the forthcoming album "Consign To Oblivion", which is due this month (April), if I'm not mistaken. Mark's grunts were also of high quality, whether high and sharp or low and deep. Jeroen played his drums in such a relaxed way, unlike some other drummers who mostly give themselves completely.

The public was very enthusiastic here as well. With the heavy "Seif Al Din", you automatically started headbanging. The new "Dance Of Fate" is an uptempo song and a very nice one, same thing with "The Last Crusade", though I noticed some WITHIN TEMPTATION comparisons. EPICA is a different band, still hanging on to real Metal, unlike WT who went more a commercial direction, losing heaviness, depth, ... EPICA is a must-see live, because they bring fantastic music, are great guys and a wonderful girl. I can write nothing but positive things about the band.

Playlist, again as far as I remember (why don't I ever write them down?): "Illusive Consensus" - "Cry For The Moon" - "Fašade of Reality" - "Seif al Din" - "Run For A Fall" - "Dance of Fate" - "The Last Crusade"

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

* And then (21h10), top of the bill, one of the best Progressive Powermetal bands, if not THE best: KAMELOT!!

Blasting away with the brilliant "Center Of The Universe", the whole or most of the crowd singing along. There was also room for older work, like "Nights Of Arabia", "Don't You Cry", "Karma", ... From the newest album "The Black Halo", 4 songs (right?) were played, starting with the amazing "When The Lights Are Down" (one of my favourites). For "The Haunting" Simone (EPICA) came back on stage and did a great performance duet with Roy. Since Shagrath (DIMMU BORGIR) didn't want to join the tour, Mark (EPICA) was asked to sing, eh, grunt, Shagrath's parts for "March Of Mephisto" during which Roy wore a long coat as he did in the video. Mark's performance was an almost exact copy of Shagrath. If DB should ever fall without Shagrath, I'd suggest they appeal to Mark.

Guest musician was Oliver Palotai, who handled the keyboards in a very decent way. More than good, also playing a little solo. I suggest he becomes a permanent bandmember. :-)

By the end of the set, Glenn, Casey, Thomas and Oliver jammed a bit, so that Roy could get his coat for "March Of Mephisto". Casey also showed us his talents on his beautiful drumkit, giving us a great drumsolo. KAMELOT closed their set with the uptempo and also magnificent "Farewell". Majestic!

With some of the older songs, I felt a bid sad I couldn't sing along a lot, since I just have the last 2 masterpieces. Yet, the previous albums will be mine asap.

Roy also learned some Dutch: dank u wel. Since he only thanked the audience in French, English and German, the Dutch-speaking fans shouted "Dank u wel!" after which Roy didn't forget to add another language to the 'thanks-list'.

It was a splendid evening (the 3 bands together), also being the first time that I saw KAMELOT live. I went home with a wonderful feeling, even more determined to expand my cd-collection.

Playlist: "Center of the Universe" - "Nights of Arabia" - "Wander" - "Soul Society" - "Karma" - "Ne Pleure Pas / Don't You Cry" - "When the Lights Are Down" - "The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)" w/ Simone (EPICA) - "March of Mephisto" w/ Mark (EPICA) - "Farewell"

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
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You can view the rest and all images at this location.

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18/02/2005 – MANTICORA/EDENBRIDGE/ANGRA (Vorst, Belgium)

Arriving at around 18h45, nothing to see that connects to the performances of tonight. Ten Weyngaert doesn't lie in the middle of Vorst, but more in the outskirts (suburbs?).

* 19h30: MANTICORA (The Deadly Tour) opening.. with the intro of their latest album "8 Deadly Sins", "If", heart beating through the speakers and then blasting away with "King Of The Absurd". Wonderful! Lars's vocals are a bit better on the album, but live he also is quite capable of expressing the same feelings and passion. Other songs were, for as far as I remember: "King Of The Absurd", "Cantos", "Playing God" or "Melancholic" (I'm not sure about this), .. Closing song was an oldie, but fast and sounded heavenly. I didn't quite understand the title, but it was something with Shadow(s).

MANTICORA was heavy, power, speed and more. One of the best performances I've seen so far. For this tour they asked Stefan Johansson (guitars) for extra riffpower and solos and Andreas Lindahl (keyboards) to stand in for Finn Zierler (BEYOND TWILIGHT, keyboards on "8 Deadly Sins"). Both did a superb job and I hope they will some day be real band members.

* 20h30: Next was EDENBRIDGE, a band I'm not so familiar with, except from some mp3s a friend sent me. They gave me a rather bad impression. Though Sabine did a good job on ANGRA's "Temple Of Shadows" ("No Pain For The Dead"), I still am not convinced of the band's qualities.

"We are EDENBRIDGE from Austria..", said Sabine after two songs, probably thinking that they're not so wellknown in Belgium. Strange, since it said so on the posters, the tickets, whatever-else that they too would be supporting ANGRA on this tour. Anyhow, the songs were boring, monotone, except maybe for some speedy parts. Even the audience wasn't all that enthusiastic about the performance. You could sense people forced themselves to applaud. At least, that's what my impression was at that time.

Playlist: a symphonic-sampled intro - "Move along home" - "what you leave behind" - "wild chase" - "starlight reverie" - "october sky" - one or two songs I didn't understand very well..

* 21h30: And then ANGRA! (Temple Of Shadows Tour) : first the symphonic song of "Temple Of Shadows", "Gate XIII", followed by "Deus Le Volt!" and the powerful "Spread Your Fire". There was something with Edu's voice, but he managed quite well to hide the 'illness'. The guitars sounded a bit too harsh, not producing the right melodies at times, but it was only for a short while. When you see the band on stage, they are like gods (ok, I'm exaggerating, but still.. ), they have a lot of selfconfidence. Great drumming by Aquiles, great solo's by Kiko and Raphael. The atmosphere was also superb.

Next song, after "Waiting Silence", was "Acid Rain". Other songs: "Nothing To Say", "No Pain For The Dead" (Sabine coming on stage again), "Angels & Demons", .... (I sadly had to leave after that song). But a friend told me afterwards that besides other new songs, they also played "Millenium Sun" and "Rebirth".

Anyhow, it was a great day/evening, good to be there. Live Metal gives you a certain feeling that many others things can't. Ten Weyngaert isn't so big, but you have close contact with the bands, and you can still move around freely.

Pictures are available at this location.

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