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SYLVER MYST – Strains Of Souls (Sylver Myst 2003)

Sylver Myst - Strains Of Souls
  1. Lovtred
  2. Strains Of Souls
  3. Waiting For A New Day

"Strains Of Souls" is a 3-track demo SYLVER MYST recorded in 2003 and precedes the 2005 MCD "Depths Of Illusions", for which they held a CD presentation last month (16/09/2005).

Formed in 2001, they soon recorded their first demo entitled "The Bleeding Snowlands", which contains 2 songs. Two years later, the second demo is ready and gets positive comments by the press.

The sound of course is raw, but it has a certain charm as it also sounds 'live'. This is a metalband, but even on "Lovtred" you'd think it's rather poprock. :p No, I don't mean this in a bad way. The drums seem to have been very important, since they are the most dominant instrument, while the guitars - at least, the heavier riffs - tends to remain more in the background. The chorus, with grunts, is very catchy but quite nice.

Drums introduce "Strains Of Souls", the titletrack. Keyboards follow soon to create the right atmosphere. The guitars here have a more bluesy sound. Soprano vocals are more present here and are very fitting in a calm(er) song like this one.

The final song, "Waiting For A New Day", pushes the pedal more down. This is for me the best of the three, though they all are good songs. Here too, the chorus is of the catchy kind and easy to sing along. Since SYLVER MYST is a live band, I think this catchiness also plays a role in the writing process. ;-) The keyboard solo reminds me a bit of ERIK NORLANDER, for whom keyboards have no secrets.

Well, since I was very satisfied of their live performance, it's hard to have an equal opinion about the CDs. But despite being a demo, SYLVER MYST have done good job. You get a good impression of their music.

There are samples on their website:

Marjolein Hüsken - vocals
Didier Roumen - guitar
Rob van Dijk - guitar
Bart Spackler - keyboards
Ronald van de Rijt - bass
Marc Jaspers - drums

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KALEDON – The King's Rescue (Steelborn Records 2003)

Kaledon - The King's Rescue
  1. In The Time
  2. Shadow Of Azrael
  3. Black Sun
  4. The Abduction
  5. Sad Destiny
  6. Valley Of The Death
  7. Revelation
  8. Escape From The Jail (mp3)
  9. Home
  10. The New Kingdom (mp3)
  11. New Soldiers For A New Army
  12. Revenge
  13. A Frozen Down
  14. The Second Fall

"The King's Rescue", 2nd album of "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign". As said in the review of "The Destruction": one album a year. So, another year, another album. While "The Destruction" had a more loosely production, as I would like to call it, this follow-up has a more tight one, stronger, more matured.

The artwork has also improved. It still isn't like other bands – who have the privilege of bigger budgets (SPV, Nuclear Blast, Inside Out, ...), but it's better than "The Destruction". So, improved artwork and dito production... yes, this is the best of the 2 albums. Claudio has also worked on his singing and English, resulting in more refined voice with a better accent.

"The King's Rescue" starts with a slow song, but it's sung a bit too fast. But salvation is soon there with "Shadow Of Azrael", a nice song with heavy riffs and a great melody. Here you can clearly notice the progress in production, the sound is very clear. "Black Sun" shows a better Claudio. This is a lot better than on the previous album. There are slower songs on the album as well, like "Revelation" and "A Frozen Down". Uptempo and faster riffs and melodies can be found in the fantastic "Escape From The Jail" (catchy tunes and a nice keyboard solo), "The New Kingdom" (one of the best songs on the album, with great riffs, solos, drums, vocals, ... and of which there is a video – see Kaledon's website), "New Soldiers For A New Army", which starts with swordfighting. This song also has a nice bridge and chorus. Also a great song!

KALEDON has improved a lot with this album. The fast songs are heavenly, like the melodies, guitarsolos, drums, ... They manage to create their own sound, and that is something you have to give them credit for. Fans of Melodic Powermetal, here is a band that deserves to be in your collection!! They aren't as well-known as RHAPSODY (to name one of the most well-known Italian bands ;-)), but they deserve more attention than what they are getting now. Also have a look-out for the follow-up, due between the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005, "The Way Of The Light"!

Claudio Conti - vocals
Alex Mele - guitar
Tommy Nemesio - guitar
Daniele Fuligni - keyboards
Paolo Lezziroli - bass
David Folchitto - drums

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