Headlight leveling system

This is a feature which is only available on German cars (on the 90-93 anyway).  As of '94, it can be found in a few other countries, like the UK, as well.  The system consists of a little motor in each headlight which is controlled from a rotary switch on the dash panel.  Each motor simply replaces one of the 3 adjustment screws.  When the switch is activated, the motor starts turning and consequently adjusts the height of the headlight.  Useful when the trunk's full of stuff and you don't want to blind oncoming traffic.

Although at first sight one wouldn't say it, all mounting points of the headlights are just a bit different with height adjustment.  So this means that when installing them, you must have all the mounting hardware (bolts, springs, plastic plugs etc...).
Then it's just a question of routing the wires to the switch on the central console and to connect everything corectly.  This is not very difficult, although it's a bit of a pain to get all the wires neatly taped to the wiring looms.