Electric mirrors installation


Since the wife and I both drive the miata, I upgraded to the later style electric mirrors.  No need to adjust them manually each time we drive the car.  An added bonus is that I  can move them all the way down when reversing and avoid wrecking my wheels.

the round edge needs to be removedThe electrical mirrors are practically a bolt on.  The only modification that must be done when you want to install them on a '90-'93 car is the removal off the little collar where the wires enter.  Just grind it off with a dremmel.  Then it's necessary to drill a hole in the door, to get the wiring through.  It has to be rather big as there's a connector which needs to get through the hole.  Hmm, might as well make it big enough so you don't have to grind that collar of.  Your choice.  The mirrors are fixed at the same place as the manual mirrors, the bolts are a bit longer though.  


the original switch, with on either side the switches for the heated seats.Then there's the wiring to fit.  Each mirror has 3 wires connected to it.  Run them through the door rubbers and to the switch.  In Europe, there's a big square switch that's located under the radio.  In the US, there's a little switch to the left of the steering wheel.  Either will do.  I choose the Euro type (all other places were taken) and used the original mounting plate under the radio.  
On either side of the switch, I put some switches for the heated seats.  These are from a Suzuki Swift.
Of course the mirrors need power and ground also.  I installed the mirrors at the same time as I did the ABS install, so the dash was out of the car anyway.  This made it easy to put the original wiring loom in.  If you can't find a proper source (or if you're lazy )
, just tap into the wires from the radio.  The mirrors don't draw a lot of current.

The switch on the right hand side is that for the headlight leveling system.

I'm very glad I upgraded to the electric mirrors.  Apart from the added comfort, they have a much bigger angle of vision.  Should have done it a lot sooner.