Paint Job


In '97, as the original paint started to fade, I decided to repaint the car.  Since I didn't like the white color too much, I decided to have it redone in custom green metallic.  I think it just looks superb on the Miata.  It looks very similar to the Sparkling green of the UK special series 'Berkeley', but it isn't!  

bumpers and doors removedall dings and dents have to go...Bumpers and doors are removed.  They will be painted separately.



ever looked behind the fenders?  You'd be surprised!rearEver taken the fenders off?  You'd be surprised of how much dirt you'll find in there.  I noticed that there was no rust proofing in there either, so I sprayed the inside with black undercoating.


fresh from the body shopeverythings painted, inside and outThe car like it came back from the body shop.  Painted inside and out...except for the engine bay.



ugly sight, ehpreparation...everything must gopassenger's side done...looks nice, no?driver's side is almost done



Final result...looks better then the originalInitially, under the hood the car was still white ... ugly sight, so I decided to paint it myself when I installed the turbo.  

This is the final result, not too bad eh?