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frank and chrisjeI can imagine that you're not the slightest bit interested in who I am, but I do think it's nice to be able to put a face to a name sometimes, so this is us on Route66.



Just having fun on the track (still have a lot to learn btw)
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spafrank2.jpg (31770 bytes) franchorchamps.JPG (24952 bytes) franchorchamps2.JPG (37679 bytes) oops
franchorchamps4.JPG (29397 bytes)

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With NB wheels, 10AE wheels 
scoobys.jpg (94092 bytes) Jamex lowering springs, highest perch on the Konis stock springs, lowest perch on the Konis

Antwerp 'Skyline' :)
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The obligatory pictures of the car in all poses...
miata_water.jpg (118380 bytes) front_right.jpg (77841 bytes) rear_right.jpg (73782 bytes) smoking duals

A few shots of the turbo...
turbo side turbo side turbo_s2.jpg (35347 bytes) engine side

My mechanic...

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circuit Zolder