Washer reservoir indicator


Something that I've always wondered about is why Mazda puts an 'empty windshield washer reservoir' warning light in the instrument panel and doesn't use it...on my car anyway.  For this to work, there has to be some kind of a water level switch in the washer reservoir which wasn't there in my car.  Luckily enough, the new washer reservoir, that I installed for the ABS, did have the switch built in!  As a bonus, it's a lot bigger than the stock reservoir.  I didn't measure, but I think you can get more than a gallon in there.

The water level switch has 2 wires.  One wire simply goes to earth (either of the 2, it doesn't matter which) and the other goes to the connector on the backside of the instrument panel.   There should be an unused spot in the connector for this.  I can't remember which place exactly, but just backtrack the circuit from the bulb to the connector.

To make the indicator work, I did have to make a little modification on the printed circuit board.  There's a resistor missing on the printed circuit board.  Backtrack the circuit from the light to the connector and you'll notice that at a certain point the circuit is open.  In this spot it is necessary to solder a 8.2ohm resistance in.  That's all.  Enjoy your new indicator!