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Already as a child it was my dream to have a dog, but my parents never allowed me to have one. Then my best friend bought a Collie and it was in one of her books that I saw the photo of a blue merle. From that moment on I was determined : one day I would have such a beautiful blue Collie. Still I had to have a lot of patience. But in 1986 I could finally realise part of my dream and I bought "Kassandra of Rocamada" (Xana), a tricolour bitch (because a good blue was hard to find). Being the person I am, it was no doubt that I would also breed with her.

Our kennel-name Miceri's comes from the first 3 letters of my name (Micheline) and the first 3 letters of my husband's name (Eric). We've noticed this name is pronounced in many different ways, so we would like to say how we ourselves pronounce it and that is "mikeries".

So in 1988 we ventured into our first litter. Unfortunately luck was not on our side. It was impossible to find a suitable blue dog, so Xana was mated to a tricolour dog. From this litter, which later turned out to be her only one, a tricolour daughter was retained : "Miceri's Malenka" (Malenka). She in her turn also only had one litter, from which we didn't keep anything.

In the mean time I realised we didn't like the type of Collies we saw at shows and I felt it was time to look for the type of Collie we thought was most representative to the Breed Standard. In 1990 our searches lead us to the Steadlyn Collies, the most beautiful we had ever seen. It was the start of a beautiful friendship with Mia Ejerstad, breeder of the Steadlyns AND it resulted in the arrival of the following Collies at our kennel :

In 1991 : "Steadlyn Shezaboom" (Bliss) & "Steadlyn Cover Girl" (Chassy)

In 1993 : "Steadlyn Rock Goddess" (Heidi) & "Steadlyn Catalyzer" (Booker)

Steadlyn Rock Goddess & Steadlyn Shezaboom Pictured here are :

Standing :
"Steadlyn Rock Goddes" (Heidi)

Lying :
"Steadlyn Shezaboom" (Bliss)

During the years we've had several litters and from these "Miceri's Velouria" (Lorie) and her daughter "Miceri's Zong 'n Dance" (Stella) and grand-daughter "Miceri's Celtic Myth" (Nera) stayed at home, where as "Miceri's Vendetta" (Damiet) and her litterbrother "Miceri's Vengeance" (Thicho) are living in co-ownership with our friends in Holland : Arie & Sulie Rietveld.

All further events, be it big or small & good or bad, can be followed on our Newspage.