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Here you can find some very interesting links to other websites which we find worth sharing. Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that the fact that we put a link to these websites, does not automatically mean we agree on the contents (fully or partially) of these sites.

Our Collie Friends :

Collies of Sealand - Switserland

Dennisay's & Geantles - Croatia

Glencoe Valley - Germany

Golden Mist - Finland

Hawkfields - Finland

Rollington - Denmark

Roughian - Croatia

Shep - Denmark

Sno-wyn - Australia

Steadlyn - Italy

Steadwyn - Sweden

Wisewyn - Portugal

Zinnia's - Finland

Allerheide - Germany

Corydon - UK

Jodevin - Ravette - USA

Lashol - UK

Marwiland - Netherlands

Scottlyme - Belgium

Wicani - UK

Other Doggy Friends :

Anne Degraef

Shelties of joliesgarden

Beagles 't Sluyshof

Collie Organisations :

The international Collie Society

Collie Web

Collie Revue - independent, quarterly magazine for Collie Fanciers in the German language

Official Canine Organisations :

F.C.I. - Fédération Cynologique International

K.M.S.H. - Koninklijke Maatschappij Sint Hubertus

Other Canine Organisations




Natural Rearing

1. Some interesting sites on Raw Feeding :

BARF-Natuurlijk : the Dutch starting page of Raw Feeding, with a wealth of interesting links

BARF-Natuurlijk : the homepage of the Dutch Rawfeeding group

Drei Hunde Nacht : the German site for Raw Feeding

Viande-à-chien : a French Raw Feeding site

K9Joy : the fabulous site of Mogens Eliassen, an authority on rawfeeding and other doggy matters

Raw Learning : telling you all about this natural diet with numerous interesting links to other rawfeeding sites sites and to some great rawfeeding email-lists.

Switching to Raw : learn how to switch your dogs, site of Susan Johnson, author of "Switching to Raw"

BARFworld : the site of Dr. Ian Billinghurst for people wanting to feed their dogs according to the BARF-principle

Dr. Vet. Ian Billinghurst : writer of the books "Give your dog a bone", "Grow your pups with bones" and "The BARF diet"

Raw Meaty Bones : the site of Dr. Vet. Lonsdale, author of "Raw Meaty Bones" and advocate of rawfeeding

Raw Dog Ranch

Rawfeeding - How to : a geat site that shows you how to rawfeed your dog

The Doggie Dietician

True Carnivores

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating : explains the anatomy of animals and shows why dogs are carnivores and NOT omnivores

2. Some interesting info on pet food

Animal Protection Institute - What's Really in Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen

Polluted Pet Food!

What Happens to Recalled Meat By Brendan I. Koerner

Uncaged Campaigns news release

3. Here you can find information on the dangers of vaccinating :

Angelfire - Vaccines, Are they safe for your Dog

Annie's Story - Autoimmune Polyarthritis

ARTICLE Schultz Dog vaccines may not be necessary

AustinHolistic.com - Vaccinations A Word of Caution for Our Animals – Part I

BBC NEWS Health Row over autism link to vaccines

Bogartsdaddy - Canine Vaccine Survey by CHC

Caberfeidh - Puppy Shots, Vaccination Issues for Breeders

California Vaccine Awareness vaccine immunization ingredients

Considerations in Designing Effective and Safe Vaccination Programs for Dogs

Critter Advocavy

Danger of Pet Vaccination - Vaccinosis - adverse reaction to routine vaccination

Disease risk vs Vaccine risk

Dr. James Howenstine -- Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines

Holistic Vaccination (full article)

Holisticat - Vaccination Helpful or Harmful


Impfungen ...ein heißes Thema

Jon Rappoport

Just say no 2 vaccs

Mercola - Vaccinations and Immune Suppression

National Network for Immunization Information

New Principles of Immunology

Preventie Vaccinatieschade

Report of the American Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccine Task Force 2003 Canine Vaccine Guidelines, Recommendations,

Silvia's Journey of New Hope


The Case Against Immunizatons

The Vaccine Controversy

The Vaccine Question

Think Twice

Truth About Vaccines

Vaccination In Animals

Vaccination Information & Choice Network - Vaccine-Vaccination-Immunization Dangers

Vaccination Liberation


Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats Too Many, Too Often

Vaccine-Associated Pet Cancers

Vaccines - Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher

Vaccines alter DNA

Vaccine-Vaccination-Immunization Dangers - Polio Vaccine Page 1


Veterinary Surgeons Board - Holistic Vaccination (full article)

What about Vaccines - Vaccinosis

Why You May Not Want to Vaccinate

Yourpurebredpuppy - Vaccinations, needed or not

and the latest developments on the stance of vets regarding vaccines, published in the British press :

ABCNEWS.com : Are We Overvaccinating Our Pets

BBC NEWS : UK Vets issue animal vaccine warning

Guardian Unlimited The Guardian : Booster jabs 'waste of money'

Telegraph News : Millions wasted on needless jabs for pets, say vets

4. Some general sites on "Natural Rearing" :


Canine Health Concern


Dogs on Holiday


Gesunde Hunde : German site on natural rearing

Healthy Animal's Journal

K9rawdiet : Mindy Felton Samuels' senior Chow Chows doing super on raw

Natural Health Care for dogs & cats - Dr. M. Goldstein

Natural Rearing

NR-BARF Breed Index

Pat McKay, Inc.

Positive Health Magazine

Raw And Natural

Riveriene - Canine Wholistic Nutrition

Shirley's Wellness Cafe - Natural & Holistic Health for People and Animals

The Original Holisticat (TM) - Main Page

The Pet Whisperer™

The Right Remedy

Whole Dane

Wolf Creek Ranch

5. Some rawfeeding / natural rearing breeders" :

Aniak Siberian Husky's

BARFing Boxers - A Bones and Raw Food Site

Betty & Bill Lewis Homepage

Blakkatz Naturally Reared American Shorthairs

Bluegrace : Jane Johnson's raw fed Portugese Waterdogs in Australia

Bulloved Bulldogs Holistically Raised SARF Fed

Caber Feidh Scottish Deerhounds

Chellen Rottweilers


Daybreak Aussies - links

Diamond Paws - Breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Fireax Dobermanns

Messano Goldens

Prairie Sighthounds : Prairie Wolf Adams' naturally reared Ibizan Hounds

Skansen Kennel Schnauzers and Llamas

Sunapee Akita's BARF

Von Habsburg Danes

If you feel your website should be listed here too or if you know of other interesting sites, just let us know!!

We do check these links once in a while, but it is still possible that one is no longer working. Should you run into such a link, please don't hesitate to let us know.