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Panorama pictures from mountain Ifach, playa Levante, salt lake,
Calpe Spain, Europe.


Pen de Ifach in Calpe, Spain


Known by the Moors as the 'Northern Rock' (Gibralter being the 'Southern Rock').
This massive rock juts out into the sea joined by a narrow isthmus to the town of Calpe.
It is now a nature reserve, and you can climb to the summit with its tremendous panoramic views via a tunnel bored through the solid rock.
The rock is one of the most characteristic views of the Costa Blanca. On both sides, there are two coves with highly recommended beaches.


Mountain Ifach  56K Mountain Ifach East 96K Birds  42K Levante beach   88K
Ifach middle East 98K Ifach top East 70K Levante Port  92K Ifach Calpe Port   82K
Port Calpe     92K Levante Esmeralda  67K Levante zoom  92K
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