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Description Terra Mitica,
Theme Park at Benidorm in Spain, Europe.
Situation plan, map.


The legend is Alive



Close your eyes and imagine yourself smiling, having fun and living life to the full.
Imagine a place that offers you new sensations and unforgettable memories, a time in which you experience the past together with technology of the future.
In Terra Mitica, time stands still for you to enjoy, have fun and experience the mysteries of the most ancient, enigmatic and legendary civilitations of the mediterranean :

Egypt,  Greece,  Rome,  Iberia and   the Islands

Terra Mitica overview map  238 K




Egipto overview    97 K Enter ancient Egypt. Its lands bathed by the Nile. Where music and dance envelop you. An Egypt where monuments hide great secrets, the sphinx always keeps watch, crowds gather at the port of Alexandria and merchants stroll through the great bazaars.
"The Cataracts of Nile". Be prepared, the show begins. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of ancient Egypt.
Old figure
2. Cataratas del Nilo : Slip down a roller-coaster of water in the tomb of a pharaoh.
3. Akuatiti : a fun replica of the Cataratas del Nilo for smaller children to enjoy.
4. Puerto de Alexandria : Choose any of the 6 fantastic boats and sail to the Iberia pier.
5 to 9. Restuarants : Tebas, Luxor, Kurkur, Shucaran, Bulebar de los Dioses
10 to 14. Shops : Rosa del Desierto, Anubis, Nefer, Cataratas del Nilo, Klichet
old Egypt view

Pyramid dancing 42 K Land of the Pharaohs





Grecia overview 77 K Mythological Greece. An exciting journey through the greek legends.
You can discover the true essence of the olympic spirit in "the Theatre of Olympia" and see the bravery of the trojans.
Experience the "Fury of the Triton" and wrath of the minotaur.
Will you become one of the chosen few ?.
15. El Laberinto del Minotauro : get through the different trials and challenge the scary Minotaur.
16. Teatro de Olympia : relive the beginnings of sport itself with a spectacular special effects.
17. La Furia de Tritón : go down a spectacular water slide that emerges in a giant wave.
18. Los Icaros : fly endlessly in the maddest chairs in Greece.
19. Alucinakis : the youngest children can have fun with the replica of Magnus Colossus.
20. Arriarrix : children can mount the most incredible horses in ancient Greece.
21 and 22. Restuarants : Acropolis, Plaka
23 and 24. Shops : Portico del Agora, La Furia de Triton

Greek and piramide





Roma overview   97 K Cross the Merida bridge and see a great roman fortress ruled by legionnaires loyal to Ceasar.
Experience the terror of a vertical drop on "The Flight of the Phoenix"
Feel the excitement of a high speed ride on "The Magnus Colossus", the largest wooden rollercoaster on the Mediterranean.
In every street and corner you will feel the grandeur of a civilisation that once ruled the world.
25. Magnus Colossus : glide at 100 Km/h (62.5 mph) on the most impressive wooden roller-coaster in the Mediterranean area..
26. El Vuelo del Fénix : an impressive drop from the top of a 54 metre column, 44m. in 2.5 sec.
27. Vertigum : fun instant attraction.
28. Torbellinus : flying chairs for infants.
29. Tentaculus : spin and spin on this infant ride.
30. Ayquesustus : infant replica of Vuelo del Fénix, free-fall of 6 metres for juniors.
31. Serpentinum : kids will go up and down spinning endlessly.
32. Rotundus : the ideal big wheel for small children.
33. Show : Circus Maximus. Don't miss the Empire's biggest show. See the most incredible Roman circus live, with the best gladiators and legionnaires in Rome.
33. Games area : Feria Romana. Show what you can do on 11 fantastic games where you can win prizes.
35 and 36. Restuarants : Via Apia, PicaPicae
37 and 38. Shops : Magnus Colossus, Itálica

Tower Fénix, 44m in 2.5 sec.


raid buildings  25K





Iberia overview  76K


A warm and welcoming land. The cheerful nature of its settlers, the hustle and bustle of its streets, the colour, the fiestas and traditions all come together in Iberia.
Sail the seas aboard mythical boats. Watch out for the arrival of the "Train Bravo" while you wait at the station.
See and feel the anger of "Red Beard", Barbarroja, and his hoard pirates.
39. El Tren Bravo : don't miss a pulsating ride on the Iberian peninsula's most wicked train.
40. Arietes : the wildest dodgems on the Mediteranean.
41. Jabato : children will have a great time with the bumper cars.
42. El Moll : your chance to travel to Egypt's Port of Alexandria on board of 6 mythical boats.
43. Show : Barbarroja. Show full of action, special effects and actors recreating a pirate attack on a small coastel town.
44 to 46. Games area : La Galeria de Juegos, Feria Ibérica, Les Galeres.
47 to 50. Restuarants : L'Almadrava, Les Gavines, El Pincho, La Mar de Colors.
51 to 63. Shops : Aitana, Azahar, El Racó de l'Artesà, Foto Vella, Tren Bravo.



The Islands


The Islands overview   91K


At the centre of terra Mitica is the island in the great lake.
Here you'll discover a great adventure packed with heroic deeds and legends. Fight alongside Telemachus in "The Rescue of Ulysses".
The mystery of the islands awaits you! Let yourself be carried away by the islands playful dances and songs.
water figures The Islands  47K
55. El Rescate de Ulises : help Telémaco rescue his father, Ulysses.
56. Rápidos de Argos : survive strong sea currents just like the legendary Argonauts.
57. Mithos : a fun carousel where you can ride on centaurs, unicorns and other mythical beasts.
58. Lass Sorpresas de los Dioses : a fun virtual theatre with spectacular special effects.
59 and 60. Restuarants : Corfú, Rodas.
61 and 62. Shops : Rápidos de Argos, Peisinoë.




Situation plan, Terra Mitica Map

Terra Mitica situation


Some pictures taken at Terra Mitica in April 2001


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