After years of flying on a single flightsim PC, the arrival on the market of the Project Magenta Glass Cockpit Displays add-on  programs, changed my idea about flightsimming completely.  I started with the complete suite of programs (Glass cockpit, MCP and CDU), putting them initially on 2 separate pc's.   This was the start of a long progress, which finally should result in the simulation of a B744 flightdeck with the highest realism as possible.

Building such a flightdeck is a very hard and complex decision, which, in my personal opinion,  can't be done alone. Without the help of my friends Roger Dutreeuw and Willy Vosselman, (respectively doing the actual deck construction and the electricity works)  I never would have started.

We also are working very close together with the people from Bruges air College, who were able to set up the only "full motion" Boeing 738 NG simproject in Belgium. My B744 flightyokes has been modeled by them after I gave them the real life dimensions.

Furthermore companies as Project Magenta, Flightdecksolutions and Aerosoft Australia has given a lot of support for the soft- and hardware. It is great to work with so many nice people from all over the world.

The goal of this website is to give flightsimmers an idea how things has started and what the present status of my B744 project is now.

Feel free to ask questions or suggestions. Thanks for coming by -  Michel Vandaele