Monday, the 16th of August, 1999 : The Departure


Upto Ireland with the airplane of 10.20 h.  Dublin.  From there on, we take the train at Conolly Station to our destination: Sligo.   In Sligo a cab brings us to the Horse Holiday Farm in Grange.   Once we have arrived there, we get our room for one night and the most important thing of all: the names of our horses and the full equipment for our 2 week trail: saddle bags en road maps.  At supper, we meet a lot of people who are all coming here to ride.  Even a crazy American girl, who thinks that this trail will be a test for our marriage, which will already start the first day when we will have to catch the horses at their meadow in the mud.  (She doesn’t know that in Belgium we are used to mud and rain and dirt, contradictory to the U.S. where she rides in a full betonized stable…)   First week we will be accompanied with two German girls, who will ride the same trail as we, but for only one week.  After supper we start packing our saddle bags, luckily everything fits in !  Ulrich will mount on Ballybay and I will mount on Butler.

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<-- Studying the tickets for our departure to Dublin by airplane
With all our luggage and ready to take off! -->
<-- Goodbye Belgium, Ireland here we come!
The most important document of our travel: the airplane ticket!