Tuesday, the 17th of August, 1999


After a plentiful breakfast up to the stables!  A groom brings us to the meadow where the horses are already waiting for us.  We take them to the stable where they first get their food and a full brushing packet by us.  After some instructions how to secure the saddle bags, the horses are put in the van with bag and baggage, the van will bring us to the starting point of our trail.  At 13 o’clock in the afternoon we can finally mount and our journey begins !  A first introduction of how our horses are to ride which turns out to be a fantastic experience !  They are very well forwards and they don’t like to stand still but they are easy to handle.  At 14:30h. we have arrived at  “Smugglers Creek”, the famous pub (in this neighbourhood), with even a place to rest for the horses.  Up there we can eat something besides our horses, and after our snack we go up to the beach !  The horses are clearly used at running freely on the beach, as from the moment they get a sight on it, it is nearly not possible to hold them.  We let them go on the sand and… off they go !  My horse wants to run before all the others, as he passes them all.  After a while he calms down and I can even let him gallop with loose reins.  The beach is deserted, lonesome and mighty !  I wish we could ride here forever… After a long run we have to pass some rocks on the beach, the horses are looking very well where to put their feet!  After the rocky place, they want to gallop again.  First we try to hold them, but Ballybay is not set up with this and starts to buck out of envy and so… there we go again !  We repeat this story once again until we have left the beach.  Some beautiful roads are left to follow before we arrive at the farm of John Boyle, which is our first night stop.  The horses smell the stable and are stepping faster and faster (if you should think that they would be tired of running on the beach – forget it).  Once arrived, we can feed the horses and they can enjoy their evening on the meadow.  Then it is our turn to take a shower and go for supper.  Mr Boyle brings us to the nearest pub at Bridgetown for supper, the food is not bad but the waiter is not working very fast…(well, this is Ireland isn’t it).  Tired and with our heart full of new experiences, we dive into our bed after this first day ride.  And of course, we have a room with view on the horses!

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Our stopping place at "Smugglers Creek" with a view on "Belalt Beach".
How! How! What a nice thing to do after such a long ride!
Butler's favourite hobby.