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Almost 20 years ago, I learned all about photography with a cheap semi automatic camera. It all started when I worked for a local newspaper and needed some photos every now and then. I liked and still do like nature and so I concentrated on nature as my subject. Since a few years I also photograph models and started working with a Canon eos 300D. As Photography is a real fun hobby for me, I am not interested in earning money with my photos.

Regular visitors of my site will notice that the guestbook has disappeared. Not that I do not value your opinions but lately it was inundated with unwanted spam.

If you have any questions or remarks you can contact me.

In future the site will be updated more regulary as I will be able to do this myself, thanks to Coaladesign (http://www.coalatje.com)

I hope you like my site and like the Romans said: De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum


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