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Mushroom Amusements is located in Dendermonde, Belgium.

Mushroom Amusements was founded in 1995 out of a hobby that went way out of hand. Since then we've had the pleasure of dealing with many satisfied customers. Our main source of activities is Pinball.

At Mushroom you've come to the right place to find a premium shopped pinball game at a fair price or the odd bargain everybody is looking for. Concerning pinball machines, Mushroom does it all : buying, selling, shopping, renting and putting the games on location. We're proud of being the first one in Belgium to have a pinballstore, everything I have about pinball games is in there, every free space on the wall is used to display my entire collection of pinball goodies, meanwhile the place is stuffed with pinball games, sometimes you can even score a Jackpot or a Juke-box.

Nowaday's it considered very cool to have a pinball machine in your house. Pinball has come a long way since being banned in the 50's in New York. Pinballs should no longer be stored in your garage under a blanket with a bunch of rubbish on them because "they're broken anyway". No, a pinball machine should be the highlight of your living room, the main source of attraction. That's why we try to find nice machines, and make them even nicer by giving them a good cleaning and making them technically sound, so every visitor who sees your game can feast his eyes on it.

You can start by browsing through our site looking for all kinds of pinball stuff : pinball games, flyers, promo plastics, translites, slingshot plastics, bare playfields, books ... the list goes on.

For more information about pinball and Mushroom Amusements contact us :

Call +32 (0)478/52.34.04
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